Writing Travel – How to Organise a Trip for the Writing Soul

It all started with one question “what would I do if I was a full time writer?”. The answer was pretty simple: write, days in a row, all day; if possible, in a nice place.

A long weekend was coming up. I was single (still am) and had no plans for the long weekend coming up and decided to do just that. I chose a mountain nearby, found a Bed & Breakfast, paid with frequent flyer points and spent four days in heaven and finished a book. I travelled with the train, and for that trip, spent very little. Then I was hooked, I am now on my fifth writing trip in one year and a half.

It took me a few more trips to correct, edit and rewrite the book, to get it ready for publishing and I am here, on another trip, working on the book proposal and on my blogs, which get neglected when I’m writing a longer project.

I recommend the travel writing strategy to all aspiring writers who still need to work full time. Make arrangements with partners and children, mothers and friends, make this your time and make it sacred and uninterruptible. I ascribe to Mike Dooley’s precept of “do what you can, from where you are, with what you’ve got”, it cannot fail.


What to look for?

  1. What resources do you have, what can you spend?
  2. What type of places and views inspire you the most within your possibilities?
  3. Avoid distractions / do you need a place with no connectivity?
  4. Which sort of place makes you most productive?

Search your soul for your answers and find the resources. At the moment I am cat & house-sitting a friend’s house in the countryside, overviewing green hills, with the sound of a creek in the background and jumping wallabies in the forefront, the sound of birds and crickets lulling me. This is my ideal setup.  Yours might be a busy city with numerous cafes with fantastic Wifi. It might be an ocean view, or a quiet house. Although I love the water, for writing, green hills are even better.

Get the closest you can to your dream. Think of house sitting for a friend, or paying one AirBnb while renting your house out to someone else. It might mean house swapping and looking at a friend’s plastic swimming pool at their backyard. If that is the closest you can get to the ocean, so be it, the different environment, your imagination and your commitment are to be enough enough.


No bull, no lies

I have a perfectly nice apartment, with a desk overlooking the neighbourhood, looking out of a large door, I could lie to myself and say I would stay in and write all weekend. It would be so much cheaper than travelling and I could do it EVERY weekend! But, I would be lying to myself. I get distracted and anxious with what I am not doing, not going to the beach or not talking to my friends, the dishes need washing, there is food in the fridge that will go off if you don’t cook it, all 300kg of it, and the clothes might self destruct if you don’t wash them today.

During my writing masters I did that, spent weekends working on assignments and I’ve managed with a great degree of pain. While being away, writing eight hours a day feels effortless.

Remember to think not of what you SHOULD do, but what you DO do. Think of what is reality for you, not what works for other people.



Make sure your friends and family know the hours you are unavailable, take it seriously and impose boundaries. I love places with limited mobile connection so I don’t feel obligated to answer messages and phone calls. More important than others is to make sure YOU understand the restrictions and don’t let yourself waste days lost in distraction and resistance.


The Enemy

Talking about resistance, usually, a writer’s most persistent enemy is her/his own head. The fear about the quality of what we write, the terror of finishing a project, the angst about the research, the character or the plot…

To understand more about resistance, I recommend “The Icarus Deception” from Seth Godin. He explains it perfectly. Work on your internal mindset in advance of the trip. Be emotionally prepared so you can make the most of the effort and time.


The Plan

Have a broad plan of what you want to work on. Is it a book? An article? What would you like to accomplish? Don’t be too strict, avoid creating unrealistic expectations that will make you feel under pressure and anxious during the writing time. The plan is just to get you ready to get to work straight away. Once you start, whatever comes of it is perfect.

My plan for this trip was:

  1. Finishing my book proposal to send to literary agents;
  2. Send it for editing and proofreading (hiring the freelancer and sending them the material);
  3. Work on my blogs; so when the agents look at my sites they can see some recent action and a fresh sample of my writing; and
  4. Reserve time for free inspired writing, in whatever inspires me at the time.



Free inspired writing

What I call free inspired writing is what comes out when you are turning off your critical self, sending it off to a vacation somewhere else, far from you, or give it a sleeping pill. To get to it, you must forget all the shoulds, don’t worry about the quality or the quantity, turn off the inner and outer voices that are constantly criticising, analysing, commenting and evaluating. Eliminate judgement, scratch too long, too short, too emotional, too detailed, not enough description, not enough… you got the gist. Let it be, let it be… sing with me.

Free inspired writing is a first-first draft, it is raw and imperfect, full of mistakes and with absurds in logic, but it contains the CORE. The seed of what it will become. And, creating it, writing like that, is the joy.


Trust yourself

You need to make the commitment to have your work re-written, edited, criticised, proofread. By yourself and others, pulling up any resources available. It could be writing groups, asking friends to read your material, hiring freelancers, or, if you have the means, paying high-end editing professionals. By knowing that the writing will be put to its highest quality, you free your inner-first-drafter to do the free inspired writing I have mentioned above.


Keep the good habits

On the other hand, when writing your first draft, keep some good habits to avoid a proofreading nightmare in the future. At least make sure the ideas are clear, use capitals and good punctuation, set a minimum standard.


Mean business

When I get to my writing location I do what I need to show myself I mean business. What works for me is waking up in the morning and getting ready as if I was going to my regular job. I usually dress more comfortably but I still get dressed, put earrings on (earrings mean I’m not naked or sleeping), make my bed (so I don’t feel temped to go back to it and read the day away), have breakfast, make myself a nice extra cup of coffee, get my writing gear to the chosen writing location. Sit down and write for as many hours as I feel like.

What is your signal? What do you need to do to tell yourself that you are here to write? Pyjamas? Lighting a magic candle? A nice cup of green tea with pomegranate? Do it. Make it a symbol to your inner writer that says “ready, go!”


IMG_3520 (1)



What you need to remember to take with you:

  • Your project notes or file (remember everything you need including voice memos)
  • Your laptop or writing pad or typewriter – your chosen writing instrument
  • Accessories needed: mouse, internet dongle, pens, paper, extra typing tape
  • Power: laptop powering cables, extra batteries for mouse
  • Special screen cleaning wipes
  • Writing/reading glasses
  • Notebook or sketch pad if you use them for support
  • Favourite pen / extra ink (fountain pens) / extra pens and pencils
  • Download any needed research and support material, if you won’t have connectivity
  • Download music for writing; many writers have the right music for the right project, make it ready and available offline. Create the right playlist in advance, if you need it.
  • What item is essential for your highest productive writing
  • Think of food



What is essential for you?

For me, it is coffee. That is why I bought a mini expresso making machine and a portable frother. It doesn’t matter where I go, I can make the perfect cup of coffee. Tea, chocolate, nuts, candles, what is the little thing that works for you? Remember to pack it.


Thinking of food

Food can be one of the most time consuming and most effective distractions in a writer’s working day. I recommend thinking of food in advance, either preparing a few nutritious easy meals in advance, or researching the food delivery options near the location where you will be staying. I get organised to have a few days of easy food at hand, so I don’t waste too long with meals and can dedicate most of the time to the writing.



Alone and completely connected

Writers are a strange breed… If I told my friends that their holidays would be spending alone writing at least 8 hours a day, most of them would think it’s a punishment. Instead, I feel so connected to the world, to myself and my mission in life, to my real purpose, that I come back happy, refreshed, inspired and can’t wait to start planning the next writing trip.

Right now, I’m on a covered balcony, overlooking green hills. I am listening to the creek’s water music, the birds are singing, a cockatoo is screeching, a light rain is starting to fall… I can smell the grass and the bush, the wet soil; I can see the sun on a far away mountain and the mist crowning another, as a halo, I hear the thump-thump of a wallaby moving nearby. I can almost distinguish the sound of each drop of rain fall, while my fingers fly over my keyboard, and I smile.

These trips make me feel like I’m doing what my soul was put in this Earth to do. I have no idea if that is true or not, but this is free inspired writing right? So, who cares!

To Roam the Earth and Write About It

Amazing Dubai
A few months ago I was finally able to answer that old question: what do I want to do when I grow up? Well, it may seem that people would only ask that when they are kids but in reality, most of us spend good many hours of our whole lives pondering over it.
My answer is: to roam the earth and write about it…
Well, suddenly I found myself a chance to do just that; and here I am.
I have just arrived in Brazil, with the objective and excuse as to publish my two written books. On my way I have spent four incredible days in the amazing Dubai.
During those days I exercised something that seldom in life we have chance to do: total free will. Being by myself it was delicious to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
I have experienced and delighted in being in “Arabia”, with its new buildings, different smells, spices and lands. Admired the whole of the construction site the city is and was amazed by the vision these people had in creating for them a new future and literally creating new lands.
They simply decide to put sand over the water and build new islands in the most fantastic shapes!
It was a well worth experience and I count my blessings.
I have no idea where the path will take me, like Tolkien says, when you are out of your door, it is the road that takes you…
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Background Check

Sculpture by the Sea 2009 – Sydney – Bondi

There are so many things in life we actually never think exist. Companies that exist solely to verify the details that people provided when applying for jobs, for example. I’m temporarily working for one of these while I’m still searching for a permanent position.
My job is to verify Employment History from candidates for jobs in big financial corporations.
From this I’m getting some funny stories, as it is my style to do wherever I am.
The best story was when I called a fashion store. I don’t want to put the name of the company here, so let’s say I called Fashion. It is a big company with stores all over Australia.
Imagined I called “Fashion” and asked for payroll or HR.
The sales girl – that sounded very young and was screaming against a loud music background – answered me promptly:
I couldn’t stop laughing for half an hour.

Another detail I noticed is the latest trends on “firing people” vocabulary, my favourite of all times is “retrenched”. To have been “made redundant” is already old. People are now “retrenched”. I think as you really can’t say what it means you will not feel that you were fired. HR departments have all this psychology behind what they write in your files…
I don’t think it makes a lot of difference when we are out of a job the name they gave to our “disconnection” but well, it’s funny to see how they are so creative.
Another interesting set of special names I just found out is that I started to find some positions as being: 2IC, 1IC, 3IC… I had no idea what they meant. I discovered it is very simple: Second In Command! First or Third In Command! So funny!

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RITMO Brazilian Festival 2009

Flyer of Ritmo – Brazilian Festival in Sydney 2009

“Ritmo” means “rhythm” and it is the name for this Brazilian Cultural celebration, an initiative of BraCCA, Brazilian Community Council of Australia. The event has been happening since 2001 and this is its ninth edition, it was created as part of the celebration of Brazil’s 500 years anniversary. Ritmo Brazilian Festival is scheduled for the 20th September 2009 at Tumbalong Park in Darling Harbour, one of Sydney’s most breathtaking sites. This event is so important that it has a date kept in reserve in Sydney’s calendar every year.
Attendees are entertained with the range of activities, involving music, dance and food. Starting at 11 am RITMO is a major showcase of Brazilian culture in Australia and also the most important event for the Brazilian community in the country. Ritmo is sponsored by several companies such as Sagatiba, LAN, Real Transfer, Sydney Foreshore Authority e o General Consulate of Brazil that believe in the continuous success of the festival.
The expectation is for 27,000 participants this year, seven thousand more than the record number achieved in 2008. BraCCA has plans to have an important event in 2010 to marc it’s 10 years of existance. The big success of this festival is due to the charismatic ways of the Brazilian people and the diversity of presentations such as Capoeira, Samba, Axé, Pagode, other traditional dances from Northeast and Brazilian popular music performances.
Great artists are confirmed with the special participation of Gianne Abbott, Brazilian dancer among the top 10 on “So You Think You Can Dance 2009” TV Series from Channel 10; also Latin Dance Australia; Umbela Brasil and Brazilian Latin Dance Company will shine uppon Ritmo’s stage. The bands Samba Austrália; Pisa na Fulo; Ziggy & Wild Drums and Performing Brazil will bring great music.
This is an opportunity to try the best of the Brazilian food and drinks, like Feijoada, a traditional Brazilian dish made with black beans, pork and sausages and eaten with rice. Brazilian cuisine is a mixture of exotic ingredients with a hint of passion. At Ritmo there will be an array of exquisite flavours to be tasted.
People can learn the true meaning of the word Ginga with the amazing display of acrobatic movements from Capoeira, an African-Brazilian style of martial arts. With Capoeira Brazil; Capoeira Abada and Capoeira Aruanda you will discover why Samba is famous worldwide. During the day you will also see arts and crafts from all over Brazil. It is a place to bring a picnic rug, slather on the sunscreen, sit back, enjoy the show and have a fun day out. The entrance is free!
It is a day to join the nation that introduced Samba to the world for a time filled with its joys and colours, live music and dancing. An occasion to share the tolerant and harmonic atmosphere when the Brazilian people join the Australian multiculturalism, sharing what is their best with all other cultures.


Summary: Ritmo – Brazilian Festival:

20th September 2009
Tumbalong Park – Darling Harbour
Sydney – NSW – Australia
From 11am to 6pm
Free entrance
Food: Try popular foods Feijoada, Pastel e Coxinha, Churros, Churrasco and Popcorn & Guaraná
Caipirinha Bar: Enjoy Brazil’s favourite cocktail and learn how to make it
– Samba Australia
– Pisa na Fulo
– Ziggy and Wild Drums
– Performing Brazil
– Gianne Abbott
– Latin Dance Australia
– Umbela Brasil
– Brazilian Latin Dance Company
– Capoeira Brazil
– Capoeira Abada
– Capoeira Aruanda

Sagatiba, LAN, Real Transfer, Sydney Foreshore Authority e o Consulado Geral do Brasil

Further information: events@bracca.org


BraCCA – Brazilian Community Council of Australia

BraCCA is a non-profit organisation located in Sydney, NSW, Australia, with the main purposes of promoting the Brazilian Culture, representing the needs of the Brazilian Community to government both in Brazil and Australia; to further motivate the cultural interchange and relations between Brazil and Australia.

Hut 45A 142 Addison Road, Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone: (02) 9560-6866

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Guide to Brazilian Food Part 2

Side Dishes…

There are a number of varieties of side dishes in Brazilian cooking, each region holds their own.
Here are a few that are all time favourites of mine.

Palm heart salads are very tasty and very light, if I could do a diet eating just that and fresh asparagus I would be happy for a long time even on diet! They don’t even need seasoning but they are awesome with some olive oil and salt.

Deep fried bananas are delicious with red meat.
Deep fried zucchinis are delicious with anything.

Then you have polenta from Italian’s influences.

My tummy smiles just to think about it!

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Aussielian at last! My Citizenship was approved!

I am immensely happy to tell you that my Australian Citizenship was approved!!

I just have to wait for the ceremony to make the pledge now…
I’m an official Aussielian (Aussie Brazilian)!
I arrived in Sydney in September 2003 and on the second day I knew this was the place I wanted to live at. I felt the feeling of “I have arrived. I’m home”. Since then I have left here a few times and upon each return it all comes back: the tears in my eyes, the certainty that this is my place, my life and it burns inside me a deep love for it.

I will always carry my Brazilian roots proudly, my rhythm, my smile, my dance and outgoing ways, will display the best of my mother’s culture. I will want to visit and go back a few times too. But I have been born an alien there to find myself here.
As I will pledge shortly, my soul goes to Australia and its people, its multiculturalism with tolerance and organization. And to all the dreams I have realised and the ones that are coming now…
Beijos to all Australians and Aussielians!

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Inspired Coffee Quotes

Putting my Coffee Quotes together has made me happy and light. They remind me how I feel every morning: hopeful of a great day, then I have no other option then having an inspiring day. Here is my chosen from this series: “Coffee is the Sunrise of the Brain!”

This is a continuation of two other posts:

Have Fun!Our Daily Coffee Nonsense …

Coffee after a long weekend is like a powerful reminder of good times, the aroma bring flashbacks of other coffees and sends you to the present and future with a light beat in your heart …

Drinking good Coffee is like tapping into an endless font of energy…

Coffee in the morning is like a nice hug, it warms you up…

Tasting a good coffee is like surfing in good feelings…

Real coffee is like that: like real life…

Coffee makes taste buds act like little kids in a candy store, leaping and screaming YEY!!!

Good coffee in the morning makes me laugh like a little kid being tickled.

Coffee goes well with everything, any day, any how… specially Friday morning.

A cup of coffee in the morning is like meeting a dear friend you haven’t seen for some time…

Coffee is that 5 min break that gets your brain into gear so you can launch into activity!

Coffee makes your brain go teenager and “ROTFLUTS” (roll on the floor laughing, unable to speak).

Coffee and chocolate the stuff that dreams come from…

Coffee on a cold morning is making your taste buds feel like children in a candy store… happy happy happy!

Coffee is a good reminder that life is good.

Coffee is like endorphins, it can make you glow…

By only mentioning it I can already smell it: coffee! Can’t you?

I believe in special days as well as special coffees…

Have a great, awesome, inspiring, delicious, full Moon Friday! Coffee makes your brain say: “I’m ALIVE!!!”

Coffee & mornings: an eternal love affair…

Some days you are so sleepy you don’t want to drink your coffee, you want to chew it up! Thank God for coffee every morning!

Coffee sends liquid energy through the veins and you feel like running 100 k or attacking the same length of mathematical problems… A bit less maybe?

Cold morning Sunshine good Coffee Friday = a perfect day… All that chocolate = Heaven!

Nothing like tasty Coffee to make you ready for the week ride!

Coffee makes you remember how alive you are and forget what doesn’t matter. It’s a sip into the future…

Coffee gives you energy to travel in body or mind and to explore new thoughts or lands…

Coffee is like a productivity machine: it goes in, ideas and activities come out!

Coffee has the power to bring the future to you, as soon as it gets into your gut you start doing things today that were planned for tomorrow…

Coffee gets you ready for life’s trip, either mental or real, anywhere, anyhow…

Coffee is like the internet: You can connect to the world through the net, coffee connects your brain to life!

Nothing like coffee, cream and friends to make your life good.

Coffee can help you go way beyond your limits… you feel like you can conquer the world !

Coffee can get your mind out of the rain, into the sun, sailing the vast world.

Coffee can always remind you of good moments with friends, it doesn’t matter if they are close or far…

Coffee can make you feel like a pagan god… full of power!

Coffee can make you travel around the world in a thought!

Coffee is the answer for a productive day after a productive weekend!

Quick coffee is like quick thinking: pure energy!

Enjoying your morning coffee is living in the present, taking the most from the moment, benefiting profoundly from an opportunity; therefore coffee is like spirituality and business strategies in a cup!

Coffee is great to warm up the heart and the brain!

Digital StillCamera

Outdoors coffee on a sunny day is the perfect way to start a week. Enjoy the sun on your face, close your eyes, breathe deeply and feel the goodness spreading to your whole body!

Strong black coffee is like having a loud voice in your brain screaming: WAKE UP! : – ) it works!!!

A good morning should always start with good coffee and maybe a chocolate or two

After a lovely cup of coffee there is no other option: you have to have a great day!

Coffee can transform your day as you can transform you life with a thought!

Coffee is the paradise of the senses!

Black coffee is the food for extraordinary thoughts in a powerful mind.

Digital StillCamera
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Beyond all Sane Limits – Part 6

A rare nice part of the trail, wide and flat…

During a nice stretch of flat path I was thinking about the perfect man. Forget flowers and chocolate, smiles, Champaign and even sex. For me, the perfect man (on that night) would be the one that would give me a bath, carry me to bed, massage me all over, feed me pizza, brush my teeth for me, bring me a painkiller and let me sleep 24 hours. That is why it is so hard to find the perfect man, depending on how you feel or what you do he has to be a completely different person!
Then came the dark. We found this nice fire truck track, large, flat, reasonably dry and short. There was only 1.5 km to go and we thought we would make it in 15 min, but soon after we thought it the bush trail was back with all the ups and downs and the night. Fortunately two of the girls had brought their walking lights. If you told me I would have to walk in the middle of the bush at night with just too little lights and four other girls a week ago, I would have told you in a charming phrase: NO F%$#$@$@$%$# WAY!

Digital StillCamera

Finish Line in the Dark

When it happened I didn’t even feel scared. So tired… so much pain in my knees and legs… there was no space for fear, except when we thought the dogs were coming. We saw the fabled lights at the end of the trail. It was a house from where we heard some mean dogs barking, they sounded like Rottweilers. A minute after something moved in the bushes. We thought the dogs were out and coming to get us. I’m glad to say it was probably some wallaby or something that was running away from us, not toward us.
And just then we found civilization!!! We still had to walk another four blocks to the car. Then smelly bliss…
– I can smell myself!
It was a disgusting smell. An overpowering mixture of sweat, mud, urine and all those bodily smells you get after too much exercise. My own smell was so strong I couldn’t even feel the others so I hoped their own smells were overpowering them so they could not smell mine.
We rode in silence, a blissful, tired, happy, silence. We did it, it seemed to say. We felt brave, powerful, determined and happy. But I felt happier then them… I am sooooo happy I’m not doing the 100km !

Digital StillCamera

I’ve made it to the end!!!

The dayssss after were pure hell. I could barely walk, although I had energy I had to walk with bent knees. The first day after I was walking like a mammoth, dragging my feet. Used the lifts with all the old ladies, but had to climb stairs in Redfern.
It was an “ouch” per step with me using the handrails as lifelines – without them I wouldn’t have done it.
The second day after was still made of pain, the knees felt a bit better but the muscles… oh my God! It was the old penguin day walking… old and decrepit penguin walk.
On the third day after I had been converted to a new and young penguin. But a penguin none the less.
Only on Friday I was truly recovered. About nature all I can think is: f@#@$ nature I don’t wanna see any for a long long long time!

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Beyond all Sane Limits – Part 5

The commune with nature at a bushwalk is something to be … envied. Honestly I didn’t get to commune at all. At the beginning I was aware of nature, this mushroom, that tree, the wonderful sound of birds, the crickets, the rivers and the sound of water. It was doubtfully beautiful. And I did enjoy it. But it was such a hard walk I didn’t manage that special feeling I get sometimes of total and complete wonderment. The real “commune” with nature. I had to push myself the whole time so I couldn’t totally give myself to the moment.
After midway I was living in the future: the arrival, the end, the finish, the car, a nice bath and my bed. Oh, and pizza – very important.

Digital StillCamera

At some point I was asking:

– How many up hills are there, just tell me the truth, if there is another yet to come leave me here to die…

The leaders didn’t tell me the truth. Obviously. After a while I stopped asking:

– I don’t believe there is a Berowra station anymore. It’s a myth. I don’t care I can walk the whole night.

Really, there is a point of exhaustion you reach and go beyond. You can keep going until you die. My head felt light, my legs heavy but I could continue walking for an eternity. I didn’t care anymore if the trail was flat, going up or down, if there were puddles I would splash right in the middle of them, I could se we stumbled a bit here and there not being able to properly get the legs up to walk.

One of the girls joked with me:

– We have deceived you! We brought you here to kill you ! HA HA HA

– Ok, please do it soon and end the pain! I answered in a wail!

That friend that had been previously looking for the dead body had found another idea to chew on:

– What if we could get home and change to a new pair of legs. Rested ones. Some that would not be this painful.

She found an accomplice for the thought:

– Yeah! Then we could have different sets of legs with the proper muscles developed for each activity… like one pair for running…

– One for dancing!

We all joined in:

– One for walking.

– One for rollerblading.

– One to use mini-skirts with, perfect smooth skin over a nice long muscled leg…

We imagined a few more legs…

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Beyond all Sane Limits – Part 4

A lot of Bush: can you see how green and steep?

It is interesting how a walk like this makes you completely self-aware. You get a new conscience over your body. Things that you take for granted on your day-to-day world are vital then. Like food and drink. A little snack can be felt as a burst of energy so clearly it is not normal. On my normal days I have lunch when it is lunch time, a snack on my breaks, dinner when it is dinner time. In the adventure you don’t eat you control your energy supply. Same thing with water, I was never so aware of the hydration of my body, every time I got slightly dehydrated a mild headache started, it was the sign I was forgetting to drink. As soon as I got a bit of water in me, the headache was instantly gone.
We also tried a yucky thing called Goo, it looks bad but it tastes good. A small pouch with some goo that can only be extraterrestrial technology. An energy compost that gave us energy for a whole mountain climb with half a dose. Some sportist magic stuff, I only know it worked, although I also got a slight headache when it kicked in. The pain was gone in a few minutes and the energy helped a lot.
One of my friends felt that the Goo and one painkiller we each took were like cheating. The other explained: you will still have to walk, and climb, and get out of this bush, how could that be cheating?

Digital StillCamera

More Bush for you: Rivers and Trees all over the place…

My next delirious phase happened when I heard a highway somewhere… I could hear trucks passing:
– I’m gonna find the highway ( I can hear it) and take off my clothes (there is no way to get a ride looking this disgusting and a much higher chance being naked) and stick the thumb out and get a ride. I better make sure I negotiate the ride from outside the door, cause once the driver feels my smell … I’m not gonna accept a motorbike ride though, imagine being completely naked with a big helmet on your head… too strange.
By then I realised the peeing was another changing behaviour. At the beginning we were all clean prudes, looking for covering bushes to pee on, taking a tissue to dry ourselves and cleaning the hands with sanitary gel afterwards. After falling on a mud ugly stream, being exhausted, soaked wet, with knees that were ready to proclaim revolution on my body and proclaim total stop of all the machines, peeing was not an issue anymore. Anytime needed we just screamed to the others “peeing here” stepped to the side of the trail, undressed, bent, urinated, put the pants back on, all together with the underwear, in one go, and continued walking screaming this time: “done”. We would hold until uncomfortable so there was always someone else to pee with you, making each stop a very strange scene.

Digital StillCamera

I kept thinking with Nemo’s song in my mind: Just Keep Walking, Just Keep Walking…

The highway was gone, with no sign of ever it getting closer to us… so my next running away thought happened when we got to Berowra waters. I’m not sure why I didn’t beg the few fishermen on the way to take me with them. I guess that again I was deluded thinking we were almost there.
I saw some boats in the bay and decided it was a perfect solution:
– I will swim to that little boat and sleep there. Tomorrow I’ll find a way out of this no-where!

Digital StillCamera
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