Thinking Like a Writer

One day a friend said:
– You talk like you are writing.
I remember the day: we were in a dance congress in Brisbane a beautiful sunny day straight after a shower with the wind blowing the leaves of the trees and an atmosphere so magic it made me describe it to my two companions. That’s when one of them said I talk like I write.
That made me see my life in a different way. I realised that I see life through a writer’s eyes. That all my perceptions are made in descriptive terms. That my experiences are not totally put into perspective until I have told them to myself adding adjectives, weight, smell and flowers as if I was writing it all.
Yes, my friend is right, I do talk in a different ways and I use words that are not common in both my languages. The words come from things that I have read and those are much deeper in my mind than any other experiences I had.
I can only learn a new word if I see it written.
That is why this blog has so much to do with me: written life… that’s my soul, that’s who I am. A life in writing…

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The Problems of Valentine’s Day

Ok, Valentines Day is supposed to be fun for everyone, it’s mostly fine for two groups of people: singles and people with assumed relationships. I just realised there are a lot of options in between.

I’ve been talking to my friends and it is so funny how the day is posing a problem for quite a few of them…
The married ones with kids are complaining about baby-sitters as all of them seem to be going out with their girl or boyfriends. Some of the married ones with no kids just wish they could stay at home doing nothing but the restaurant was booked three months ago… The single friends have a few other problems:
One of them has a few girls under his belt, more than one relationship at the moment and choosing which one to see on Saturday is a problem as it may loose him the other ones…
– So don’t go out with any of them – I told him.
– But then I will see all these people kissing and making out and wish I was too.
– You can get someone on the night.
– Yeah, but it is not guaranteed, with five girls already on my list I should be able to choose one.
– You are not going to die without kissing one night!
– I know, but that is what weekends are for: kissing, making out, going home for some luuuuuv… you know. All would be fine if it wasn’t valentine!
– So go out with one of them!
– The others will know I was not with them and get upset, they will know I was with another girl. Even if I go out by myself I’m screwed because none of them will believe I was alone.
– Oh go to hell you’ve made it all too complicated! And I ended the conversation. I hate problems with no solution.
Another friend said she is seeing this guy, quite a more than just casual, but a bit less than a boyfriend, so now she said she wanted to see him this weekend and cannot because of the implications, if she goes out with him on Saturday something will have to be said about it, the day itself, even the weekend, is a statement. She would have to say either: it doesn’t mean anything or it means something…
– What if he asks you to be his girlfriend? I shot at her.
– Then I would probably say ok, but it’s so good now without us saying anything! Valentines would just rush things up with no need.
– So he probably won’t say anything…
– And I will be disappointed…
– But you just said!!!?
– I know! That is exactly my point! I hate Valentines Day!!!
The third conversation of the week made me think I was loosing my mind:
– So let me get this straight: you don’t want romance, you think valentines is just a convention to sell stuff, you hate red roses, you don’t want to date anyone, but you think it would be “Oh! So! Good!” to get some flowers or a box of chocolate???
– Yes… it could be from a secret admirer!
I think on Valentine’s Day there are subliminal messages going around the media to addle minds, especially women’s. Even me! For goodness’ sake, I saw some flowers this morning and sighted! I see the same flowers every morning! Ridiculous!!!

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Uplifting 2008

I saw The Writer’s challenge at the Writer’s Forum a bit late to be part of the contest but it inspired me to write something, because 2008 was the year of the years for me. And 2009 will be the best ever and then 2010 will be amazing, and 2011 will be the greatest, and so on.
2008 was the year I found out how powerful I am, that I can turn anything I want into reality especially when I think: I want to be happy. Then I discovered that I was! Happy! Really deep-inside happy.
This was the year I found out that Garfield was wrong: Monday is great. That no matter what, it doesn’t mater to me which day of the week it is… it’s all good.
Also that the world is beautiful, that there is enough for everyone, that there is love and hope. I found ways to help others I had no idea existed.
2008 was my discovery of being positive and believing in life. It was the year I witnessed incredible miracles: money rain, airplanes that didn’t take off, cancelled ball games, thoughts becoming coins, love in abundance, writing, wishes coming true and so many others.
2008 was the year I discovered myself and that everyone, anyone, anywhere has a chance of happiness…

Love to all writers, power to all dreamers.

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The Pictures-from-last-night’s Adventure

So I decided to write about the Sydney Salsa Congress and the Sydney Latino Festival all over my blogs. Got a new notebook, a new pen, printed my new business cards and forgot my camera on top of the table at home.
I’m not a photographer so I just wanted to have the human interest side of the experience, give my blogs colour and life. Quickly I found a solution: called my sister and asked her to bring her camera as we were going together to the shows.
Perfect! I took good pictures, lots of people in them, interesting details and all.
Went home and before going to sleep, (already more than 1am, even having to wake up at six) I had to get the pictures to my USB so I could publish them today…

Sydney Salsa Congress 2009

First I found out the card was not the one I have an entrance in my computer for. I got to all my boxes of cables to find the one from my camera, one hand cable searching. I was glad it fit. Also the camera didn’t want to connect and then the problem was the driver was not installed. I didn’t want to go after downloading and installing something last night so I gave up. But not in my mind… kept trying to find a solution.
Before going to bed I got one: take the cable with you to work and try to do it tomorrow.
This morning I realised it wasn’t going to work, I cannot download files at work and I would need it to make it work.
So I thought: great ! I will be arriving in the city early because I’m getting a lift with my friend, I’ll go to one of these photo kiosks and ask for their help.
No luck. They were all closed before 7.30am…
My sister was probably sleeping and there wasn’t time to go to her anyway.
I got to work and still gave it a try with no success.
I will have to publish all my posts with pictures with funny titles: soon to be a picture of Don & Rae, or soon to be a picture of the Twins, or……
I cannot believe, I keep looking at the camera trying to download the pictures with my brain power without success.
It’s so close and so far!!!

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The Sydney Latino Festival Starts Tonight

It is starting tonight and it is part of one of the best Latin Dance Congresses in the world! It is a series of performances with dance parties, it’s something like I’ve never seen.
Imagine the State Sport Centre at the Olympic park filled with 5000 latin dancers on the floor. It’s a passion and an energy that I felt really privileged to be part of.
Every night there is a series of shows with the best latin dancers in the world then a huge party where everyone can dance. There is even a workshop for the beginners to learn a few moves and join the party.
For the already dancers you can join the whole thing including lots of workshops during three full days and the shows and parties at night. Salsa, Samba, Zouk, Bachata, Cha-Cha, Afro Cuban, Reggaeton, Gafieira, it’s all there, each a different style.
If you go and see a bunch of angels performing that is exactly where I was going to be, right in front, in the middle.
I have a fractured bone so won’t be dancing this time. This year I’m the official writer.
My poor dance partner will end up dancing with one of the best in the world, my teacher Dani de Francesco. I told him that if he is the least bit happy with my accident I will kick his butt! Poor guy, such a difficult position, on one hand his partner is injured crying her eyes out (that’s me), on the other the amazing Dani is dancing with him (she is beautiful and a great dancer), and last but not least, Tony Lara, her partner is performing and watching with orders from me (the said sad dance partner) to kick him if he even smiles… He can always say “but we are supposed to smile when we are on stage”! I would say: Yeah! NOT YOU!!! He he he
Just kidding partner, have fun for me!

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There is Life Outside Dancing

– Don’t move that arm.
When the x-ray guy said that my mind went: “Houston, we have a problem!”
I fell off a horse at the beginning of the year and injured my arm. It was getting better everyday but then, it stopped improving so I went to see a doctor.
X-ray done: it is fractured; had been for 15 days. Waiting for the specialist in the waiting room I had tears rolling down my cheeks while I was thinking “my salsa congress! My performance!”
I’m a dancer. Any doctor will tell you the worst patients in the whole wide world are in this order:
1) Doctors, they do not admit they are sick;
2) Dancers, they know they are sick but will not miss the rehearsals, “give me something fast I have to heal in the next hour” attitude, and they always have bulimia or anorexia in different degrees;
3) Sportists, same as dancers but not necessarily bulimic or anorexic.
The doctors at the emergency room were looking at me as if I was a freak. (No, I am not). The first doctor asked quietly:
– Have you been dancing?
I smiled a cheeky smile and said:
– Yes, but only with one arm. To prove it I showed my good arm, though I didn’t seem to have impressed him much…
He seemed robbed for words. Didn’t say a thing. I think he was considering calling psychiatry on me. Fortunately “they” didn’t show up. I could have been committed if they did.
The nurse kept looking at me and tsk-tsking, then she asked once:
– Didn’t it hurt?
What they don’t get is that dancing does never know total absence of pain. You always have at least a blister, or a painful muscle, a few bruises from the tricks and dips, etc. Not counting the accidents, the falls, the hurting feet after dancing eight hours straight. So a fractured bone is painful but bearable, as all those other pains are.
Anyway now I have this broken wing and after my fair share of crying decided to get the best out of it.
I will have to understand that there is life outside dancing.
The other day I went out with some new friends. We were at one of their houses. I hope I wasn’t looking too stupid because it’s how I felt. They were playing this music trivia game. All I could think was: “I’m an alien!” I had no idea. There is a whole universe I don’t know about! It was if they were talking another language. Complete gibberish. I seldom recognised one name of one group or artist and I had no idea which Motown act scored the most different #1 singles in the same year. I only know what Motown is because of a choreography I saw…
Oh, I love music, I dance them, I listen to them, but in my ipod they are always listed as track 1; track 2; track 3. I don’t get it, what’s the point in buying the original CDs if the songs still appear as track 1; track 2; track 3? I’m probably doing something wrong here, but never have time to sort it out before the next rehearsal.
What stroke me that night was the thought: “These are normal people, not dancers. The kind that go out for other than dancing and have other interests and have lives full of other… things!”
I cannot imagine my life without dancing. I had to stop for a few years and I remember that page of my life as my “dark age”… none the less I can only believe now that this fractured bone has come to show me that there is something else out there!

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Here I am again

I don’t know if I should dread or embrace these feelings ruled by hormones.
If I should treasure them while they are here or simply hate these days that rule me to something in-human, or maybe just extra human…
The colours are brighter; the air has a sharper smell. And I can’t avoid checking on the male presence around me.
Have you noticed how your own mood and thoughts change the way people react to you? Don’t you get reactions every day that you look in the mirror and think “Oh, but I’m beautiful today!”. Or didn’t you notice how some people are beautiful just because they think they are? And take the attitude out, well there wouldn’t be much left. That kind of thing always made me wonder… Danny de Vito is a great example of that for me… he is short, ugly, fat end now a bit older… and HE DID A STRIP TEASE IN FRIENDS!!! He is a Hollywood actor and has acted alongside some of the most beautiful women in the world. That is attitude.
Another example is the president of Brazil, now on his second mandate. As a Brazilian I am ashamed to say that my president has low formal education, barely speaks Portuguese well, has had drinking problems, he tried the presidency quite a few times before he got it and he is ugly and fat just to get it all. How oh how did he get there?
That is why I think on the days I give out this vibe… It’s like it is another part of me…

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