RITMO Brazilian Festival 2009

Flyer of Ritmo – Brazilian Festival in Sydney 2009

“Ritmo” means “rhythm” and it is the name for this Brazilian Cultural celebration, an initiative of BraCCA, Brazilian Community Council of Australia. The event has been happening since 2001 and this is its ninth edition, it was created as part of the celebration of Brazil’s 500 years anniversary. Ritmo Brazilian Festival is scheduled for the 20th September 2009 at Tumbalong Park in Darling Harbour, one of Sydney’s most breathtaking sites. This event is so important that it has a date kept in reserve in Sydney’s calendar every year.
Attendees are entertained with the range of activities, involving music, dance and food. Starting at 11 am RITMO is a major showcase of Brazilian culture in Australia and also the most important event for the Brazilian community in the country. Ritmo is sponsored by several companies such as Sagatiba, LAN, Real Transfer, Sydney Foreshore Authority e o General Consulate of Brazil that believe in the continuous success of the festival.
The expectation is for 27,000 participants this year, seven thousand more than the record number achieved in 2008. BraCCA has plans to have an important event in 2010 to marc it’s 10 years of existance. The big success of this festival is due to the charismatic ways of the Brazilian people and the diversity of presentations such as Capoeira, Samba, Axé, Pagode, other traditional dances from Northeast and Brazilian popular music performances.
Great artists are confirmed with the special participation of Gianne Abbott, Brazilian dancer among the top 10 on “So You Think You Can Dance 2009” TV Series from Channel 10; also Latin Dance Australia; Umbela Brasil and Brazilian Latin Dance Company will shine uppon Ritmo’s stage. The bands Samba Austrália; Pisa na Fulo; Ziggy & Wild Drums and Performing Brazil will bring great music.
This is an opportunity to try the best of the Brazilian food and drinks, like Feijoada, a traditional Brazilian dish made with black beans, pork and sausages and eaten with rice. Brazilian cuisine is a mixture of exotic ingredients with a hint of passion. At Ritmo there will be an array of exquisite flavours to be tasted.
People can learn the true meaning of the word Ginga with the amazing display of acrobatic movements from Capoeira, an African-Brazilian style of martial arts. With Capoeira Brazil; Capoeira Abada and Capoeira Aruanda you will discover why Samba is famous worldwide. During the day you will also see arts and crafts from all over Brazil. It is a place to bring a picnic rug, slather on the sunscreen, sit back, enjoy the show and have a fun day out. The entrance is free!
It is a day to join the nation that introduced Samba to the world for a time filled with its joys and colours, live music and dancing. An occasion to share the tolerant and harmonic atmosphere when the Brazilian people join the Australian multiculturalism, sharing what is their best with all other cultures.


Summary: Ritmo – Brazilian Festival:

20th September 2009
Tumbalong Park – Darling Harbour
Sydney – NSW – Australia
From 11am to 6pm
Free entrance
Food: Try popular foods Feijoada, Pastel e Coxinha, Churros, Churrasco and Popcorn & Guaraná
Caipirinha Bar: Enjoy Brazil’s favourite cocktail and learn how to make it
– Samba Australia
– Pisa na Fulo
– Ziggy and Wild Drums
– Performing Brazil
– Gianne Abbott
– Latin Dance Australia
– Umbela Brasil
– Brazilian Latin Dance Company
– Capoeira Brazil
– Capoeira Abada
– Capoeira Aruanda

Sagatiba, LAN, Real Transfer, Sydney Foreshore Authority e o Consulado Geral do Brasil

Further information: events@bracca.org


BraCCA – Brazilian Community Council of Australia

BraCCA is a non-profit organisation located in Sydney, NSW, Australia, with the main purposes of promoting the Brazilian Culture, representing the needs of the Brazilian Community to government both in Brazil and Australia; to further motivate the cultural interchange and relations between Brazil and Australia.

Hut 45A 142 Addison Road, Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone: (02) 9560-6866

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