Background Check

Sculpture by the Sea 2009 – Sydney – Bondi

There are so many things in life we actually never think exist. Companies that exist solely to verify the details that people provided when applying for jobs, for example. I’m temporarily working for one of these while I’m still searching for a permanent position.
My job is to verify Employment History from candidates for jobs in big financial corporations.
From this I’m getting some funny stories, as it is my style to do wherever I am.
The best story was when I called a fashion store. I don’t want to put the name of the company here, so let’s say I called Fashion. It is a big company with stores all over Australia.
Imagined I called “Fashion” and asked for payroll or HR.
The sales girl – that sounded very young and was screaming against a loud music background – answered me promptly:
I couldn’t stop laughing for half an hour.

Another detail I noticed is the latest trends on “firing people” vocabulary, my favourite of all times is “retrenched”. To have been “made redundant” is already old. People are now “retrenched”. I think as you really can’t say what it means you will not feel that you were fired. HR departments have all this psychology behind what they write in your files…
I don’t think it makes a lot of difference when we are out of a job the name they gave to our “disconnection” but well, it’s funny to see how they are so creative.
Another interesting set of special names I just found out is that I started to find some positions as being: 2IC, 1IC, 3IC… I had no idea what they meant. I discovered it is very simple: Second In Command! First or Third In Command! So funny!

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