Beyond all Sane Limits – Part 5

The commune with nature at a bushwalk is something to be … envied. Honestly I didn’t get to commune at all. At the beginning I was aware of nature, this mushroom, that tree, the wonderful sound of birds, the crickets, the rivers and the sound of water. It was doubtfully beautiful. And I did enjoy it. But it was such a hard walk I didn’t manage that special feeling I get sometimes of total and complete wonderment. The real “commune” with nature. I had to push myself the whole time so I couldn’t totally give myself to the moment.
After midway I was living in the future: the arrival, the end, the finish, the car, a nice bath and my bed. Oh, and pizza – very important.

Digital StillCamera

At some point I was asking:

– How many up hills are there, just tell me the truth, if there is another yet to come leave me here to die…

The leaders didn’t tell me the truth. Obviously. After a while I stopped asking:

– I don’t believe there is a Berowra station anymore. It’s a myth. I don’t care I can walk the whole night.

Really, there is a point of exhaustion you reach and go beyond. You can keep going until you die. My head felt light, my legs heavy but I could continue walking for an eternity. I didn’t care anymore if the trail was flat, going up or down, if there were puddles I would splash right in the middle of them, I could se we stumbled a bit here and there not being able to properly get the legs up to walk.

One of the girls joked with me:

– We have deceived you! We brought you here to kill you ! HA HA HA

– Ok, please do it soon and end the pain! I answered in a wail!

That friend that had been previously looking for the dead body had found another idea to chew on:

– What if we could get home and change to a new pair of legs. Rested ones. Some that would not be this painful.

She found an accomplice for the thought:

– Yeah! Then we could have different sets of legs with the proper muscles developed for each activity… like one pair for running…

– One for dancing!

We all joined in:

– One for walking.

– One for rollerblading.

– One to use mini-skirts with, perfect smooth skin over a nice long muscled leg…

We imagined a few more legs…

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