Aussielian at last! My Citizenship was approved!

I am immensely happy to tell you that my Australian Citizenship was approved!!

I just have to wait for the ceremony to make the pledge now…
I’m an official Aussielian (Aussie Brazilian)!
I arrived in Sydney in September 2003 and on the second day I knew this was the place I wanted to live at. I felt the feeling of “I have arrived. I’m home”. Since then I have left here a few times and upon each return it all comes back: the tears in my eyes, the certainty that this is my place, my life and it burns inside me a deep love for it.

I will always carry my Brazilian roots proudly, my rhythm, my smile, my dance and outgoing ways, will display the best of my mother’s culture. I will want to visit and go back a few times too. But I have been born an alien there to find myself here.
As I will pledge shortly, my soul goes to Australia and its people, its multiculturalism with tolerance and organization. And to all the dreams I have realised and the ones that are coming now…
Beijos to all Australians and Aussielians!

(Orble Votes: 113)

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