My Daily Coffee Quotes

Here are my Coffee Quotes from the previous month… this is one of my favourites:
“Coffee is what brings a beating heart to its normal pace.”
Everyday they just come to my mind as soon as I look at the screen and get ready to write them. That can only be inspired! I follow the weather and how I’m feeling for the day. It’s an enjoyable job.
This is a continuation of my post from 4th March 09:

I hope you enjoy.

Have a sunny, crispy, beautiful day!
Following a friend’s philosophy: it’s going to be Friday the whole day, so enjoy!
Have you tried to warm up the stove and throw a couple of beans or just coffee powder to a hot surface?
It’s the perfect trick to bring everyone to the kitchen, the smell will ring a powerful bell in the sleeping mind and the person will come as if hypnotised.

Have a great rainy day!
A good cup of coffee is able to convince you that any day is perfect!
At least perfect for something if not for swimming in the cold shark-infested water J

Have a shinny day!
A cup of Coffee can be like a “tele-transport” device and take you instantly to a place you have been before, sipping another cup of coffee that brought you joy…

Coffee can always bring a smile my face…
Smiles can also bring a smile to my face J

Have a great FRIDAY!
Fridays’ coffees are awesome! Can’t wait for next Friday’s…

Digital StillCamera

Coffee is what brings a beating heart to its normal pace.

Have an inspired day!
One sniff of a nice coffee aroma gives inspiration for a full day.

Have a motivated day!
Coffee is the best motivation to get you out of bed! Coffee is like fresh start in a cup…

Have a brilliant day!
My intelligence is directly proportional to the level of caffeine in my blood

Have a happy morning and a great day!
Coffee is the happy event that separates the morning from the rest of the day.

Coffee sips in the morning are my taste buds’ best friends…

I love Thursday’s coffees, they taste like Fridays just about to happen!

Digital StillCamera

Have a great, awesome Friday!
Coffee is like a paint in the canvas of your mind that says: Go!

Coffee is a beautiful font of reminders from the weekend, it gives Monday images of the sun in the sea and the moon in the water…

Coffee is a primary necessity on a rainy day.

Coffee is like a minute of silence, a profound connection to the universe.

Coffee is a new experience every morning, you can even feel the adrenaline just before the first sip.
And the smile spreading on your face when you realise it’s just perfect.

Coffee is an act of love for oneself… and for coffee!

Coffee gives you hope and makes your heart believe without doubt that all will be well…

Coffee gives good energy to the day…

Good Coffee feels like a long weekend in a cup.

Have a great Day and Happy Easter!
Coffee makes you feel reborn every morning…

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