Let it Rain

Photo by Chris Newland “Rain at the Wharf”

Somehow I found myself drowning in gratefulness amid the rain drops this morning.
I was thankful for the people, as there is a sense of camaraderie around, we are all fish… as they say. I met a woman while waiting to cross the main road, we simply started laughing.
At the bus stop we turned into a battalion, five people holding our umbrellas as if they were machine guns. ‘Let them come!’ I screamed.
The bus passed. We cowered behind the huge monsters of umbrellas.
Mine is a beautiful rainbow one. I bought it because I liked the colours. The next day I thought: ‘What was I thinking? I’ll never carry this again!’ At the time, my angel must have whispered in my ear: ‘buy it, you will need on ‘The Flood’ of the eight of March’.
So The Rainbow Tent, as I named it, saved me today again I gave thanks.
We had to cower around it, sideways, including our heads in its protection not to get drenched by the bus splashes. Feet, parts of trousers, a part of my arm and the top of my head didn’t escape.
I jumped into the first bus that finally stopped, one to North Sydney.
It was raining, in and outside.
I was happy I got to sit, even looking back which always make me a bit sick.
The water was coming down the side of the window and splashing in a puddle by the wind sill.
Little droplets of water landed on my phone, my kindle, continuous dripping water damping my sides, I was still thanking the world for being seated and able to read in a trip that took almost two hours to cover a half an hour strip.
I looked outside and remembered my mother land, where it rains like this frequently. I was appreciative that I wasn’t worried my home would flood this time, having my first floor rented flat, the absence of rivers nearby. Not even remembering, until now, that once I stood in the middle of a river which used to be a street, watching my car, my house and everything I owed being washed by an angry flow of mud.
I’m grateful to be in a country where you call an emergency service and someone will, at the very least, answer you. Where there are flood warnings, barricades, enough help for the unfortunate.
I’m happy I had a great life and a family who could drive me when it was raining as much as today when I was a child. I thought of all the little South Americans who are used to face this type of rain frequently without the systems we have here in Aussie land to keep us safe.
I came out at North Sydney and blessed my hot coffee, the gods were happy when they invented such a thing and I was happy seeping its warmth.
Then I was grateful for China, where people can fabricate very cheap stuff, I bought new, clean and dry leggings which I’m wearing now and I am so glad for.
I am now emotional and happy, compassionate in a level I haven’t felt before for my fellow human beings who are not as privileged as I am or the ones that simply cannot see the blessings we do have (I think I feel even more for the ones).
And let it rain!

Written the other day, the 9th of March when we had an amazing rain in Sydney, Australia.

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The floor was a long way down, as far away from his mind as it was from his physical body.
The great thing of doing this was the focus required. It was his kind of meditation, clinging to a rock, reaching for the sky.
In this situation he found out the best was not thinking, just concentrating on where to put his hands, the next notch, his feet, clad in their special shoes which made possible for him to use a surface a third width of one needed for bare feet.
His mind was in the present. He could feel the wind, caressing his skin as a lustful lover would; the sun, creating the perfect temperature; the smell of the rock, so close to his nose; the noise of his own breathing and of the world’s inhaling. He was aware of each of his muscles, the tension was exhilarating, his legs were answering the challenge, he could feel his right biceps pushing against his forearm.
Suddenly he felt his stomach plunge, that feeling you get when you think it is possible you may fall. The realisation of how fragile your life is. At the same time there was a strange sensation mixed with it, the one he had only experienced the day before at the ruins. A strong knowing that there is much more out there and in him, a sense of connection to the whole, of being an unlimited being. It was so weird, like looking at the bottom of the well of yourself and seeing a galaxy there.
Then there was the bird. Flying over his had a millimetre far from his helmet. Bloody bird, he just hopped to be far enough from the chicks.
At the same instant he was acknowledging these feelings, along with the sensation of slightly releasing his grip on the rock, he realised all that was a consequence of a single thought.
A profound realisation; an answer to a question that had been plaguing him for the last few days.
He regained his focus, his strength, his sanity and continued up carrying The Answer with him.

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Tumbling Down, Thinking Up

I’m in a self-destruction process. No, nothing to do with drugs, or sex, or alcohol, maybe that would be exciting.
I simply tumbled down some stairs.
Such a common occurrence that broke my youth’s belief of invulnerability! I love the drama of the phrase, being unreal as it is. I don’t think I’m still carrying around that belief even if I am stretching youth to the rest of my life.
Ironically enough my heels got caught-up in the “safety” strip. Unsafely momentum carried me forward and down I went.
Broke a glass vase, got a few superficial cuts.
The lessons I’ve learnt with it are of patience, thankfulness, love and strength.
There is nothing I cannot do if not being patient. Patient (literally) at the hospital, while they check that no broken bones were found.
Patient to put the yucky natural medicine twice a day into the purple, red, magenta, slightly green and black mottles I’m sporting throughout my hips and legs and some in the arms. I feel as a colourful farm animal, proud of my interesting stains.
Patient to wait for the pain to go away. Patient during the days nothing got done, no work, no reading, just feeling the kick of the pain relievers and surfing the wild sensations. Sleeping. A lot of patient sleep.
What is really a challenge to be patient with are the daily new ailments that are still appearing as a consequence of juggling your whole body and the joints it comprises. On top of the ones acquired straight after the fall. One day is the left wrist, the other is a back pain, a neck pain, a heck of a pain, hell! Ha ha ha, the laugh just bubbles up.
A permanent happy tiredness keeps me in its grip. Today I woke up with a cold sore, the body is using all its defence mechanisms to heal the things and forgot to protect my upper lip. Patience, my friend told me. Stop fighting with your body!
Thankfulness and strength come together. I feel as if made of steel, because nothing worse happened. Lucky that the vase fell away from my face, my jugular too. I am thankful I only missed a few days of work, I’m in reasonable working order. Like a radio clock that doesn’t play the radio but still shows the time. Good enough.
I can say with extreme knowledge: I’m very hard to break.
The knowledge spreads to my writing: I can now write how a character would have felt after being beaten up, run over, had a ski accident and any other horrible thing I feel like inflicting them. A writer characterises all happenings in her life as useful information. Patience. Love. Love, love, love, as I was supported in any way I could have wished for. People all around were nice and efficient. I can never complain about the public hospital system in Sydney. I’ve never had a bad experience with them. They treat me well.I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, but the day after tomorrow, or the day after that one, will bring me perfect health again. And that is good enough for me. I’ll keep the lessons, or “the positive learnings” as the NLP practitioners say!

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I’m seated at the train station. I feel like a statue. Reading. My head is leaning down, I’m looking at the book in my lap. When the train is about to arrive the wind comes. The chilled air starts to move and ruffles my hair. I can feel the softness caressing my neck. I’m no longer a statue, the wind has brought me alive.
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Why Men Should Be Original When Flirting

My sister sent me this text. I agreed with her and thought the text is brilliant, so here it is, by Tais Crivellenti:

“The answers I would like to give to the guys’ really original flirting questions:
(From a Brazilian author living in Australia)

Hi… what’s your name?
Bla bla

Bla bla (b…l…a…b…l…a)

Ahh… ok. And where is this lovely accent from?

Aaaaah Brasil! (Big smile on his face)…
Io hablo um poco de spanol!
Good for you… I don’t. I speak Portuguese.

Why did you come to Australia?
I came to Australia to buy a real Kangaroo’s baby, I think they are called joeys…

How long have you been in Australia?
3.5 years… I’m still trying to buy the Kangaroo.

How long are you staying in Australia?
As long as it takes, until I get my Kangaroo.

And do you like Australia?
No, I hate it. I’m here just because I like to suffer. (And to get the Kangaroo)

What do you do for a living?
I’m an overseas spy and as a disguise I’m a ventriloquist. (BTW: just in case you didn’t guess, my puppet is a Kangaroo)

What do you do for fun?
I like to blind fold guide dogs and see what happens.**
Or throw bread with butter up to check if the butter is going to fall upside down. 99% of the times it does.
**Note: this is a mean joke… disregard after reading and laughing.

Have you travelled a lot?
Yeah, yeah… I’ve been in a trip around the world in a balloon but I ran out of Tim Tams so I had to come back.

So… do you know how to samba? (Or do you like soccer?)
Yes… they teach us from the kindergarten to the retirement houses. 100% of the Brazilian population knows how to samba and play soccer.”

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Flowers and Chocolate dude, how hard can it be?

It is basic stuff, if a man has a relationship issue and he doesn’t know what to do, why not go to the simplest all-time answer? Just sent her some flowers and chocolate!!!
Several times in my life I was asked by guys what to do when they have something going wrong between them and their partners and in every situation I thought to myself: if it was me I would love to receive some flowers and chocolate just to start the dialogue!
I would feel very hard not to talk to a guy that sent me those gifts, no matter what. They are actually great for any occasion:
If you had a fight
If you want to impress
If you want to appear to be romantic
If you are breaking up (she will complain and think it is disgusting maybe, but will still eat the chocolates and remember you, maybe you will be forever “the guy that broke up with me sending flowers”, at least it is original!)
If you want to arrange a date
If you are right about something
If you are wrong and was a jerk
If there is no reason at all (that is when you will score yourself 100 more points)

I don’t know for what reasons men seem to have forgotten about this wonderful tool available to them. I can think of several incidents in my life where flowers would have made things different.
Some may argue it is old fashioned and that the gifts wouldn’t change anything, but I think they do. It is an offering of beauty and abundance, of sweetness and surrender, because he is surrendering his control to court you, he is willing to let his romantic side show and he is committing any amount of money into it. It is a symbolic gesture and I would risk saying that most women would think it is a great one.
It is part of the masculine energy to be a “hunter” and “hunters” should not be too worried about their pride. It doesn’t matter people will see you are making an effort, that is how humanity was designed to be. Maybe it is primitive but still actual. If you really think this woman is great for you, just go after her.
Send her beauty and sweetness, communicate.

P.S. As a friend of mine used to say: “inefficient communication is the route of 90% of all relationship evils”!

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To Roam the Earth and Write About It

Amazing Dubai
A few months ago I was finally able to answer that old question: what do I want to do when I grow up? Well, it may seem that people would only ask that when they are kids but in reality, most of us spend good many hours of our whole lives pondering over it.
My answer is: to roam the earth and write about it…
Well, suddenly I found myself a chance to do just that; and here I am.
I have just arrived in Brazil, with the objective and excuse as to publish my two written books. On my way I have spent four incredible days in the amazing Dubai.
During those days I exercised something that seldom in life we have chance to do: total free will. Being by myself it was delicious to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
I have experienced and delighted in being in “Arabia”, with its new buildings, different smells, spices and lands. Admired the whole of the construction site the city is and was amazed by the vision these people had in creating for them a new future and literally creating new lands.
They simply decide to put sand over the water and build new islands in the most fantastic shapes!
It was a well worth experience and I count my blessings.
I have no idea where the path will take me, like Tolkien says, when you are out of your door, it is the road that takes you…
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Dance for Non-Dancers at the Sydney Salsa Congress 2010


What The Sydney Salsa Congress offers for the Non-Dancers are the Shows and Parties to exceed any expectation! The event is a reunion of Latin Dancers. What started as a Salsa congress is now a place for all types of Latin and Brazilian Dance.
It is well worth to immerse yourself in the energy. You can buy the tickets for only the nights that you choose.
From the 28th to 31st January 2010 at the State Sport Centre, Olympic Park in Sydney.
It gives the watchers the chance to see the best and most passionate Latin dancing in Australia. Among the artists are the best in the country and important international names. As someone that simply enjoy fine arts you will be treated with performances that make you sigh, laugh, scream, cheer and sometimes even cry with emotion.
Usually everyone makes a lot of noise for the performances they like, I remember one performance from last year, Jordan and Tatiana… at the end of it I had tears in my eyes, I was practically drooling with my gapping mouth, and I couldn’t applaud or cheer, I was numbed with the extraordinary beauty of their dancing… I was glad to be able to still breathe.
Even if you don’t dance, you should stay for a while after the shows and have a look at the parties, watch the magic of people that pair up and improvise… I remember, before I started learning Latin dancing, I used to wonder: how does she know what he wants her to do?
Last year I was a watcher because I had a fractured arm, I still went every night, and some days too, because the experience is unique and once you go you always think: I am so glad I came!
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To the Toilet with Efficiency

The toilet at my workplace has a timer for the lights. It is doubtless an efficiency measure. It doesn’t take long after you have come in for you to be left in the dark.
The company gains in several ways: first because it saves energy, when there is no-one moving near the mirror the lights turn off. Other than that, you have to be twice efficient: first to do your numbers quickly and second, because of that, you have more time working.
If you take something to read you are in trouble, the lights will shut down for you. So no messing around during work time either.
I am usually quite efficient to do this, I go and do it and come back. But really I do feel a bit offended if I have an upset stomach or if I am in that time of the month and need a bit longer at the little house. I also am always prone to philosophy while during my solid issues. It is disturbing to be there thinking about the lightness of eternal beings and getting the lights turned off on you…

All the advantages go to the company in this case! 🙂

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The Funniest Job Application Answer

Dear Canddiate,
Thank you for your recent application for this role. The advertisement directed candidates to apply on our website (which you did not) and as a result your application was not received and reviewed as part of the recruitment process. This role has been filled and the recruitment process has now been finalised. If you are interested in registering your interest in a role with us, please go to the website.

I just received the above reply for a job application that I did this week.

It was really saying Canddiate instead of Candidate. And I thought it so funny I answered with the following e-mail:

Dear Sirs,

This is the funniest reply I have ever gotten for an application for a Job.
It is saying basically: thank you for your application that we received but we didn’t and you missed out.
At least it beats the “your application was unsuccessful” by far!
It is much worse but what can I do now?
I feel like a naughty kid and the teacher is saying: you have to read the questions before you answer them!!! In a very loud voice, too.
You are actually right, your advertisement probably said we should apply on your website, but after applying for 234,564 jobs you don’t see the writing anymore, you just see the big pink “apply” button.
Being like a robot, you expect that something that has a button for application means you are actually doing it: sending your information to the right person.
I have applied to other roles and when they expected the candidate to go to their website either the apply button didn’t work or sent them directly to the right place.
I guess it was kind of a test for you, hum? And I failed totally. You probably did it on purpose expecting a person that reads it all, very thoroughly.
But the funny thing is the company taking the time to reprimand the candidates that didn’t do it!
It is so good I will put it on my blog.
Don’t worry, I won’t reveal any names or companies, just tell the history and remind all other people like me, looking for a job in time of crisis, that we have to read things with more attention.
Have a great week!

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