Dance for Non-Dancers at the Sydney Salsa Congress 2010


What The Sydney Salsa Congress offers for the Non-Dancers are the Shows and Parties to exceed any expectation! The event is a reunion of Latin Dancers. What started as a Salsa congress is now a place for all types of Latin and Brazilian Dance.
It is well worth to immerse yourself in the energy. You can buy the tickets for only the nights that you choose.
From the 28th to 31st January 2010 at the State Sport Centre, Olympic Park in Sydney.
It gives the watchers the chance to see the best and most passionate Latin dancing in Australia. Among the artists are the best in the country and important international names. As someone that simply enjoy fine arts you will be treated with performances that make you sigh, laugh, scream, cheer and sometimes even cry with emotion.
Usually everyone makes a lot of noise for the performances they like, I remember one performance from last year, Jordan and Tatiana… at the end of it I had tears in my eyes, I was practically drooling with my gapping mouth, and I couldn’t applaud or cheer, I was numbed with the extraordinary beauty of their dancing… I was glad to be able to still breathe.
Even if you don’t dance, you should stay for a while after the shows and have a look at the parties, watch the magic of people that pair up and improvise… I remember, before I started learning Latin dancing, I used to wonder: how does she know what he wants her to do?
Last year I was a watcher because I had a fractured arm, I still went every night, and some days too, because the experience is unique and once you go you always think: I am so glad I came!
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The Kissing Parties

I can dance every day of the week here in Sydney, but this dance party is different. Every month I look forward to the ForroGode from One Night in Brazil. It figures in my calendars in highlighted colours. First because it has forro, a Brazilian dance style I am totally in love with, and second is a question of proportions. I love the experience of living something different.
The regular salsa and Latin dance parties are like that:
People that are there go to the party for dancing, at the end 98% are dancing 2% are kissing, the fridge is 90% full and people are 70% dehydrated because no matter how much water they take it’s still not enough. They drink water and dance until they drop, they barely talk, they don’t stop all night, when they do they go home to rest for tomorrow’s dance party.
ForroGodes are for the ones that dance for the sake of partying. At the end 25% of the people of the dance floor are dancing 75% are kissing and dancing. The fridge is 98% empty, the people 70% full of alcohol. These parties play mainly two types of music from Brazil: Forro and Pagode. So 80% of the crowd is Brazilian or Brazilian-like. If you want to just dance, it is fine, but if you are a girl you may have to do a bit of kiss-dodging. It is an experience I have to tell you! People talk, loudly and with their hands, sing out loud with most of the music and kiss a bit more.

forrogode_june_27  forrogode_june_25

It is very interesting to put cultural differences in numbers, I don’t claim to be accurate just to show you a general picture. Have fun!

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