The Funniest Job Application Answer

Dear Canddiate,
Thank you for your recent application for this role. The advertisement directed candidates to apply on our website (which you did not) and as a result your application was not received and reviewed as part of the recruitment process. This role has been filled and the recruitment process has now been finalised. If you are interested in registering your interest in a role with us, please go to the website.

I just received the above reply for a job application that I did this week.

It was really saying Canddiate instead of Candidate. And I thought it so funny I answered with the following e-mail:

Dear Sirs,

This is the funniest reply I have ever gotten for an application for a Job.
It is saying basically: thank you for your application that we received but we didn’t and you missed out.
At least it beats the “your application was unsuccessful” by far!
It is much worse but what can I do now?
I feel like a naughty kid and the teacher is saying: you have to read the questions before you answer them!!! In a very loud voice, too.
You are actually right, your advertisement probably said we should apply on your website, but after applying for 234,564 jobs you don’t see the writing anymore, you just see the big pink “apply” button.
Being like a robot, you expect that something that has a button for application means you are actually doing it: sending your information to the right person.
I have applied to other roles and when they expected the candidate to go to their website either the apply button didn’t work or sent them directly to the right place.
I guess it was kind of a test for you, hum? And I failed totally. You probably did it on purpose expecting a person that reads it all, very thoroughly.
But the funny thing is the company taking the time to reprimand the candidates that didn’t do it!
It is so good I will put it on my blog.
Don’t worry, I won’t reveal any names or companies, just tell the history and remind all other people like me, looking for a job in time of crisis, that we have to read things with more attention.
Have a great week!

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