Why Men Should Be Original When Flirting

My sister sent me this text. I agreed with her and thought the text is brilliant, so here it is, by Tais Crivellenti:

“The answers I would like to give to the guys’ really original flirting questions:
(From a Brazilian author living in Australia)

Hi… what’s your name?
Bla bla

Bla bla (b…l…a…b…l…a)

Ahh… ok. And where is this lovely accent from?

Aaaaah Brasil! (Big smile on his face)…
Io hablo um poco de spanol!
Good for you… I don’t. I speak Portuguese.

Why did you come to Australia?
I came to Australia to buy a real Kangaroo’s baby, I think they are called joeys…

How long have you been in Australia?
3.5 years… I’m still trying to buy the Kangaroo.

How long are you staying in Australia?
As long as it takes, until I get my Kangaroo.

And do you like Australia?
No, I hate it. I’m here just because I like to suffer. (And to get the Kangaroo)

What do you do for a living?
I’m an overseas spy and as a disguise I’m a ventriloquist. (BTW: just in case you didn’t guess, my puppet is a Kangaroo)

What do you do for fun?
I like to blind fold guide dogs and see what happens.**
Or throw bread with butter up to check if the butter is going to fall upside down. 99% of the times it does.
**Note: this is a mean joke… disregard after reading and laughing.

Have you travelled a lot?
Yeah, yeah… I’ve been in a trip around the world in a balloon but I ran out of Tim Tams so I had to come back.

So… do you know how to samba? (Or do you like soccer?)
Yes… they teach us from the kindergarten to the retirement houses. 100% of the Brazilian population knows how to samba and play soccer.”

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Flowers and Chocolate dude, how hard can it be?

It is basic stuff, if a man has a relationship issue and he doesn’t know what to do, why not go to the simplest all-time answer? Just sent her some flowers and chocolate!!!
Several times in my life I was asked by guys what to do when they have something going wrong between them and their partners and in every situation I thought to myself: if it was me I would love to receive some flowers and chocolate just to start the dialogue!
I would feel very hard not to talk to a guy that sent me those gifts, no matter what. They are actually great for any occasion:
If you had a fight
If you want to impress
If you want to appear to be romantic
If you are breaking up (she will complain and think it is disgusting maybe, but will still eat the chocolates and remember you, maybe you will be forever “the guy that broke up with me sending flowers”, at least it is original!)
If you want to arrange a date
If you are right about something
If you are wrong and was a jerk
If there is no reason at all (that is when you will score yourself 100 more points)

I don’t know for what reasons men seem to have forgotten about this wonderful tool available to them. I can think of several incidents in my life where flowers would have made things different.
Some may argue it is old fashioned and that the gifts wouldn’t change anything, but I think they do. It is an offering of beauty and abundance, of sweetness and surrender, because he is surrendering his control to court you, he is willing to let his romantic side show and he is committing any amount of money into it. It is a symbolic gesture and I would risk saying that most women would think it is a great one.
It is part of the masculine energy to be a “hunter” and “hunters” should not be too worried about their pride. It doesn’t matter people will see you are making an effort, that is how humanity was designed to be. Maybe it is primitive but still actual. If you really think this woman is great for you, just go after her.
Send her beauty and sweetness, communicate.

P.S. As a friend of mine used to say: “inefficient communication is the route of 90% of all relationship evils”!

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