To the Toilet with Efficiency

The toilet at my workplace has a timer for the lights. It is doubtless an efficiency measure. It doesn’t take long after you have come in for you to be left in the dark.
The company gains in several ways: first because it saves energy, when there is no-one moving near the mirror the lights turn off. Other than that, you have to be twice efficient: first to do your numbers quickly and second, because of that, you have more time working.
If you take something to read you are in trouble, the lights will shut down for you. So no messing around during work time either.
I am usually quite efficient to do this, I go and do it and come back. But really I do feel a bit offended if I have an upset stomach or if I am in that time of the month and need a bit longer at the little house. I also am always prone to philosophy while during my solid issues. It is disturbing to be there thinking about the lightness of eternal beings and getting the lights turned off on you…

All the advantages go to the company in this case! 🙂

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