Discipline for the Creative Mind

How can you discipline water? Fluidity? Like trying to make water into a shape but without applying it to a rigid container? Making the inner creative mind to be disciplined is a bit like that.

Applying pressure has the opposite of the desired effect, the more pressure, the less ideas and the further you get from The Famously Creative Flow.

The way is digging the path in front of the water for it to stream through it. There is a commitment to the digging, to creating the path, to the process and the general direction, eventually, once you have created a good height difference and a worthwhile gap for the liquid to trickle into, it will come, it is inevitable. Yet, one must remember that it has its own laws of physics to follow, which may seem inscrutable to the digger, you can’t see the lay of the land where the water is coming from, or predict the weather patterns that will create the rain. But it will come, one way or another, if you keep digging.

You won’t be able to choose what comes, in which way, the amount of it, the quality, the purity… you are but creating the vessel. You can only keep digging, and believing and never stopping, because if you stop, the water pools.

This is the creative process way, inspiration is the water, and keeping at it, writing, painting, sculpting, singing, playing, is the digging of the path. We, creators, can get better and better in using the tools of the trade, the techniques, and dedicate more and more time; increasing the amount of captured inspiration and the flow of it more consistent, but in the end… we have to submit to what comes to us and not compare to anyone else, no processes are ever the same.

This is what I am doing. I have achieved, last September, something I’ve been working towards for a long time: I am working four days a week, at work, and writing (digging) one day a week, at home, plus parts of the weekend, and sometimes after hours…

It’s been six months that I’m taking a day a week for writing. Two writing days have never been the same. I spent most of today preparing the way, writing on clarity of what I’m doing, of my process, on research to support my created world, reading inspirational quotes for writers, and going to the toilet every ten minutes and then, it poured! Deep and meaningful facts and I needed to find out about this world I’m creating on paper, I mean, on virtual paper. Over 4,200 words without blinking. And until it came, there was only dry earth…

I’ll finish with one of the quotes I dug today:

“Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say.” Barbara Kingsolver

The Snowball Experience in Writing

I was talking to my best friend the other day and we were wondering if the concept of snowball was for real. We remembered the snowballs you see in cartoons, rolling down getting bigger and bigger getting memento and engulfing bears, beavers and other characters.

When I decided to go skiing we decided I had to make an experiment and we laughed with the imagination of me releasing a small little ball at the top of the mountain and it growing taking many skiers before it got to the base of the mountain.

snowball trail

When I went to the top of the world I make good on our promised and released the ball. I made sure there was a structure on the way to stop the disaster from happening. I released a small one, the size of a tennis ball and it rolled surprisingly quickly, getting slightly bigger and rounder. But it got stopped by any imperfection on the snow surface. A ski trail, a slight depression was enough.

I think that if the balls were bigger, at least big enough to not be stopped by shallow creases on the snow, it would become a cartoon-like snowball. It was at least as large as a soccer ball…

That got me thinking about writing and the way you need to get to a certain body of work before your ball rolls without being stopped by any intersession. If you take the time to create your soccer ball, eventually, things will become easier, growing and rolling unimpeded.

You will still need to keep creating and offering the ball enough snow-words to amass and keep going.

One little ball won’t go very far, but a good sized amount of writing will get you somewhere with many surprises and new characters being picked up on the way.

Up the Lift

I’m going up the lift, the skis weighting heavily on my feet, feeling happy. I’m looking at the slope below me and writing what I see in my head

Group of students

Fallen skier

Fallen snowboarder, bum down

Mom with the pink hair and the little girl who gains mastery each time

Snow fight

Fallen snowboarder, bum up

Skier almost in a split

Father trying to untangle the baby’s skis both feet are looking backwards with skis firmly locked

A boy skiing with a pair of extra skis on his hands

Fallen snowboarder, making snow angels, completely given up

Little boy running down with no skis screaming ‘Jaaaaack! Hey Jaaaaack!’

‘Mommy, mommy, can you wait for me?’ I hear. I look downhill and mommy is sprawled on the floor, she couldn’t move if her life depended on it. Guess she will wait.

A little red bullet with orange helmet flies straight down bawling ‘INCOMING! INCOMING! INCOMING!”

Is all creative writing channelled writing?

I keep wondering if all writing is channelled writing. If my words come from me or the spirit world (laugh). I wrote a book in Portuguese with a co-author.  Because we used to write and then send to each other the stories we never knew what was happening next.

I am writing the second book of that series now on my own but following the same idea we did with the first, I didn’t plan where the story is going I just sit down and write whatever happens. I have some fun ideas I intend to include but that is all. I am discovering the story as I write it, as if it wasn’t my own.

I often wonder, where does inspiration comes from?

It is very intriguing.

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Indoors Saturday

Link: nswwc.org.au

Here I am on a Saturday, with an average of five speakers and a couple of hundred people talking about the intricacies of writing. “The take that people have on your take of them”.

It is the creative non-fiction festival at the New South Wales Writers Centre. I love being in the room thinking about what to write and not and the consequences of our words.
What to do when you are interviewing people who are big?
It is funny to think that for 10 minutes of my life I was in the same league as the lectures. With my interview with Justin Bieber I know and I knew at the time, I had no idea what I was doing… but did it. I did prepare, got over 60 questions ready, got two recorders which was great as one stopped and then did the best that I could.
Here I see a deeper level and even how wrong it could have gone.
Being in your passion makes anything interesting and talking about hurt sommeliers over a humorous article is just one of them.
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Poetic Wall Paintings

I love when I walk amok. Following my instincts, going after something I don’t know what it is. The other day I was early for a meeting in Manly and had some free time on my hands and feet, so I just kept walking with no destination, I ended up seeing something inspiring. This guy was painting these walls inside an Arcade, Roycroft Arcade to be specific. He was covering every surface available with art, love and passion.
I realize I’ve never even asked his name, just asked if I could take a picture for my blog and saying I would put it in. It took me a while to write about it so I don’t know if he will actually see it.

Artists painting a wall
Art at Roycroft Arcade’s wall – Manly NSW

Seeing something like this is like seeing the poetic side of the Universe. Or maybe its all like that if you look at it the right way… all is poesy.
Roycroft Arcade  Digital StillCamera  Digital StillCamera

I like the small details, like the bird and the plants leaking to the pole in front of the wall, the mermaid and sea creatures on the front pillar, I loved the effect, it made a dark passage become a bright spot of life.

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“Don’t Dis my Ability” – “Disabled” people are Super-Humans!

How many times have you heard: ‘don’t complain, there are lots of people worse than you.’

I hate this phrase because it can make people not try for better things or a better life. But I have to agree that not being able to use my left arm for a few days (I’m a rightie) is a ridiculously small problem.

I feel like an idiot because things that were so easy and quick are turned into a drama. Fixing my long hair for example, I look like a mess with a tiara but it’s the only thing I manage to put on. Even though, I put it right inside my eye once…

I’m eating on paper dishes, just so I don’t have to clean them; and I got really envious of my sister just by seeing her wash a knife with both hands.

I’m in a constant state of alert, looking everyone around so they don’t accidentally strike my arm; children specially; and people not holding themselves firmply on the bus.

I’m avoiding crowds and I cross the street if I see a drunk coming in my direction.

Because of all that, and a few days into sporting a fractured arm, I got to the conclusion that people “worse” than I am, are actually much better.

Someone that manages to live with one arm, is actually a super-human as you can say this person has an “extra-human” ability, wouldn’t you say so?

Now I really got what that amazingly intelligent advertisement campaign was saying… even calling it a “disability” is inexact.

Whatever a person has to compensate for, it means he or she has something more than the rest of us. This is coming from someone who is typing ridiculously slowly with their dominant hand and feeling the meaning of this on her skin.

Read later today the story about this amazing guy dancing at the Sydney Salsa Congress last night… super-human for sure! (See: Super Human Salsa Dancer Don & Rae)

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