“Don’t Dis my Ability” – “Disabled” people are Super-Humans!

How many times have you heard: “don’t complain, there are lots of people worse than you”. I hate this phrase because it can make people not try for better things or a better life. But I have to agree that not being able to use my left arm for a few days (I’m a rightie) is a ridiculously small problem.
I feel like an idiot because things that were so easy and quick are turned into a drama. Fixing my long hair for example, I look like a mess with a tiara but it’s the only thing I manage to put on. Even though, I put it right inside my eye once…
I’m eating on paper dishes just so I don’t have to clean them and I got really envious of my sister just by seeing her wash a knife with both hands.
I’m in a constant state of alert, looking everyone around so they don’t accidentally strike my arm; children specially and people not holding themselves in the bus. I’m avoiding crowds and I cross the street if I see a drunk on my way.
Because of all that and a few days of a fractured arm I got to the conclusion that people “worse” than me are actually much better. Someone that manages to live with one arm is actually a super-human as you can say this person has an “extra-human” ability, wouldn’t you say so?
Now I really got what that amazingly intelligent advertisement campaign was saying… even calling it a “disability” is inexact. Whatever a person has to compensate for, it means he or she has something more than the rest of us.

… From someone that is typing ridiculously slowly with one hand and feeling the meaning of this on her skin.

Read later today the story about this amazing guy dancing at the Sydney Salsa Congress last night… super-human for sure!

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