The Miracle Girl

This is the nickname the doctors gave Lilian Leiva, this Ossielian (Australian Brazilian) like me. She is only 27 and had a stroke mid July. The miracle: simply her survival, her recovery, her bright star.

She is one that didn’t surrender to the downs of life. Like everyone she feels it but instead of commiserating she puts first gear in her life-car, looks to the top of the hill and heads up full steam ahead. An uncommon response… Most people feel sorry for themselves and give excuses for not living all that they can.
The flowers of this garden, this paradise where we play our lives, are people like Lilian that live all that they can, no matter what has happened to them. That is how she survives, she will recover and live a happy life.
A few years ago her fiancé was killed in a motorbike accident, they were both so young with a promising life ahead. She wrote a book about him, with pictures for his and her family, about the great moments they had together. She then went on to live and live. She studied in the United States then ended up here in Aussieland.
She came to Sydney for post-graduate studies and fell in love with a bloke from these parts and ended up staying. Her mum told me she is about to get her citizenship now.
With the stroke she had to undergo delicate brain surgery. It was a success but she has to be under supervision for a full recovery. Part of the expenses was met by her medical insurance but there is still a large bill of over 40 thousand dollars for anaesthesia, physiotherapy and medicines.
Help her with donations or by participating in the fundraising events, the information is at this website: It is really easy to help people nowadays, donations can be made through PayPal or credit cards in a few minutes online.
She has such a life force that people are moving heaven and earth for her… join us!

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