Brazilian Music in Sydney’s Radio

“Estação Brasil” is a weekly program at Radio Northern Beaches 88.7 or 90.3 Mhz, 7 to 8pm every Saturday. Josimar plays the best of Brazilian music from the old tunes to recent successes. Brazilians like us have great proud in our art, the music, the dance, the plastic arts. Creativity is a strong characteristic of our culture.

This program is the result of a life time dream, from a boy who used to get all the friends at his house and kept playing music for them, mixing music, doing K7 tapes for anyone that asked, doing amateur radio programs with his friends. He was the DJ on all the parties and instead of dancing in night clubs he would station himself right beside the DJ’s console and watch them all night.
Josimar brings a good sample of what Brazilian music is about, mostly MPB (Música Popular Brasileira = Brazilian Popular Music) with also samba, pagode, pop, rock, among others. It is worth listening and being part of a man’s dream. For the Brazilians it makes you feel a connection to the Motherland, makes your heart beat on the samba drums: TUN-DUM-SHICKU-DUM-DUM-DUM!
They have an e-mail address where you can ask for music:

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