Funny Bits: Do not obstruct the poo

I found this sign near my sister’s old place. I probably walked past it a hundred times before I noticed it. Then, one day, out of the blue, I read it: “please do not obstruct the poo.” What intrigues me the most is how did they do it? I keep trying to find out what was written before… which letters were changed, would it make any sense if it was: do not obstruct the pooling? Naaaah.
I had to stop walking, laugh for a few minutes, shake my head, find my camera inside my bag, take a picture, then I managed to go on my way, suddenly bursting out laughing, in the middle of the street, with people looking at me now and then… I didn’t obstruct the poo but I may have ended up obstructing the traffic while laughing during a street crossing!

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