Brazilian Carnaval in Sydney

The Carnaval in Brazil is an event that marks the year. Actually it’s like the world only starts spinning in Brazil after the Carnaval. Seriously, the sales pick up, business in all companies really start only then, school terms, uni classes. It’s all and about after the Carnaval. The country stops for it. No-one can pass it unaffected.
The normal life gets out of the window. If it’s a quiet town it gets deserted because everyone is out. If it’s a busy town it gets crowded with people queuing for fresh bread in the morning and dancing life away the rest of the time. All beaches are packed. Whoever is working works double. All the rest is partying.
It’s all about joy, jumping, dancing, kissing, making out, dressing up, and undressing up. There are a lot of types of Carnaval from each region of my Big Brazil.
I am a co-author in an article at Radar Magazine that explains about it.
Some awesome parties will be happening in Sydney you shouldn’t miss. It’s fun for everyone. No-one in the world should spend their lives without experiencing Carnaval and this is something it’s impossible to explain properly, only being there, sweating the sweat, seeing the bodies, feeling the vibe, adding to the energy, moving your bum and letting yourself go, you will really understand it and the, you will want it every year.
You don’t have to know how to dance just how to jump, scream, party and if you are a good kisser… good for you, you may get lucky.

Amy & Kylie
It’s all about having a great time. Wear something comfortable, sensible shoes and a lot of anti-perspirant please. Choosing Brazilian shirts is a good idea and wearing yellow and green is always a success. Above all: don’t be shy and be prepared for a crowd!
Check “One Night In Brazil” website:
Or Latin Dance Australia:

See you there!

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