Funny Bits: The Hitchcock Ducks

There is nothing better than telling the funny parts of a trip.
One of the things we have done on our trip to New Zealand was to feed the ducks. We actually were just trying to feed ourselves. We had a nice bag of sandwiches for a picnic and innocently seated near the river that crosses the main park of Christchurch. It was a beautiful day, the water is crystal clear and the ducks are supposed to be so cute.
Have you seen that old Hitchcock movie called “The Birds”? Basically it’s about a town where the birds go crazy and attack people. So that is what the cute ducks reminded me of. They went for our food! They would take it out of our hands, bitting our fingers.
Not only that, they thought my dad’s toes were food and tried to eat them! Also my cousin’s anklet: they loved the dangling bits trying to rip them out.
Even the babies were like that.
We had a laughing fit and had to eat it all very quickly deflecting ducks and keeping the hands high.
Across the water we saw a father with a small daughter of around 2 years old come to feed the ducks and leave running with the baby on his arms.
Such undisciplined bunch those crazy ducks! But I laughed so much!

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