Lord of the Rings Syndrome

I always had a feeling, just beneath my skin, that life couldn’t be just this. The waking up dragging my feet, the surviving instead of living, the living to work instead of working just to make a living. I couldn’t feel it was right to do everything first and think of my happiness last. I felt like there was something missing, a wheel, a handle, some magic, I don’t know.

To this feeling, that life had to be a bit more than just black and white, I gave the name of Lord of The Rings syndrome. Every time I read the book (more than 15 times through my life) and saw the movie (years later from my knowledge of the book) I kept looking for elves around me. Where were the hobbits?

Tolkien was my idol, because through him I could feel I was alive and connect to a part of the world where there were dragons.

I’m happy to say I found the magic in life now. That I wake up thinking: “Yuuuuhuuuuu! Another day! Another Adventure!!!”


You know your life is going well when you are as happy to come back from vacations as you were to go for them.

Although I fell from a horse and I have an arm decorated with purplish bruises, I had great vacations. The phrase of the week was:

“Look at the colour of this water!!!”

I spent a week in New Zealand being amazed by the scenery but it really impressed me and my family the sapphire green of the water. Both of the ocean and the rivers.

We were based in Christchurch and if you are ever there, go to everything you find related to the Waimakariri River. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

(The colour of the water!!!)

Not long ago, I remember every end of vacations I would keep trying to find ways to change my life, to live better, to have a house near the ocean. At that time I lived in Campinas, a city about 4 hours drive of the Brazilian coast, in São Paulo state. I worked too hard, travelled 140 km per day for work, didn’t like my life.

I never imagined that what would do it for me was to move to the other side of the planet, to this place I now call home and that sings to my heart: Sydney.

The place where I found happiness. It’s been a journey and it’s been worth it.

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