Funny Bits: Do not Disturb

Airplanes are always a font of inspiration. Something always happens.
We started with the little container problem. I’ve told my sister that she couldn’t take more than 100 ml containers in the plane. We come from a family that loves little containers for shampoos, creams, lotions, gels, etc. When we travel we carry a lot of them. So when she went to the check-in with that x-ray stuff she got caught with a bag full of little containers.
It is ok to carry one or two, but she had so many! Her bag was stopped on the x-ray because she didn’t hear the lady saying anything like that should be scanned separately. On top of that she left one or two big ones that were thrown away. The worse was when her other bag was stopped and another bunch of little liquids apprehended. The woman inspecting the bag tkist-tkisted my sister and mom was allowed to carry a few of the things for her…
We were still laughing at that when we went through a strong turbulence.
My cousin is a very special person, specifically in terms of speech patterns, its like she has a language of her own, you need either a translator or subtitles to understand what she is saying, even if she is talking in the same language as you.
She has this expression: “Oh, he caught air!” Which means that the “he” in question got upset with something and had some kind of angry display.
Why she says it? Noooo idea.
Anyway when the plane dropped noticeably everyone got nervous but my sister and I started cracking up when I said to her:
– Oh! The plane just “caught air”!
Our last plane adventure were the stickers’ that we found with our phone systems, nice printed things saying: “Wake me up for lunch” , “Do not disturb” and “Wake me up for free shop”. Great idea, the only problem is that we actually didn’t find anyplace in the plane obvious enough to put it. What were we supposed to do? Put it in our foreheads?
I’m still trying to find an answer to that one.

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