Great Pirate, Big Issue

There is an article inside the Big Issue magazine which is phenomenal. I have to confess I have bought the magazine a couple of times before to support “solutions to help homeless, disadvantaged and marginalised people positively change their lives”. But I had never read it until now.
It was a series of coincidences, or maybe fate, that made me read that article. I left the house a couple of minutes earlier, the moment I got to the stop the bus was getting there and even though it was a bit full, I took it. When I got to my destination, the bus stopped almost at the corner of the park which is unusual. I got the bus through the front squeezing myself in between the people and was almost spilled out, landing in front of the guy selling the Big Issue.
It wasn’t one of the most recognisable vendors they have; Sydney has a few I can now spot from the years I’ve been walking around. Some have specific looks and some specific chants for selling the product. When I landed on the man, he quickly offered the magazine and I just took it.
I’m not sure why, or even better, how. I had my iPad on one hand, one purse where I was trying to shove my iPad with the zipper half opened, still having the iPhone on my hands and another bag with my food and pretty shoes inside. I paid and him and he made a bit of fun of me. ‘Oh my God! So many things, there is the phone, the pad’ he said. I laughed and finally shoved the thing into the purse, the phone into the pocket and started skimming over the magazine while walking through the park.

Big Issue Vendor Sydney CBD

I pause here to ponder on a complete and spreadable insanity that seems to be taking us all over. Why couldn’t I wait and just walk for the four minutes and forty seven seconds it takes to get to work? Or seat down in the park to read as I was early? But I couldn’t, I had to shove some more information into my head in the couple of minutes I was walking like I had shoved the pad into the bag.
I was going through the magazine and landed on a page that had something about pirates.
I like pirates.
I started to read and laugh, from the start.
Because the bus came without a moment wasted in the morning and the traffic was blessedly light I was early to work and decided to get a toast in the cafe near the office and enjoy the reading.
The article was by Max Attwood, who is described as “a Melbourne-based comedian, actor and writer. (…) He tries to channel his laziness into creativity, but usually ends up eating biscuits instead” and his writing was simply brilliant.
It reminds me of the style of my favourite Brazilian writer, Luis Fernando Verissimo, the style being what we would call, in Brazil, a “chronicle”. We don’t seem to have a specific word here in Australia for this type of comedic writing about daily life style.
I was laughing so loud at the cafe the waitress – I refuse to call her a waiter to be politically correct, it was a lady waiter so pardon me if I will use the correct term, I don’t find or intend any offence to women – well, she got so curious when she came to deliver my toast that I showed her the cover of the magazine and said ‘ha ha, big issue, ha, very funny, great, ha ha’ I doubt she understood anything. It was a feeble attempt to explain if I couldn’t apologise for my loud and very indiscreet laugh.
It is this tale of a man who becomes a pirate. Modern days. Corporate world. I won’t say more, you have to read it. Buy the magazine if you can, it is a not for profit and will help the person you buy it from. “Pirates Don’t Need To” made my day. Thank you Mr. Attwood for writing this article rather than eating biscuits. Even though I’m pretty sure when you finished there were crumbles all over your keyboard!

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Living the Life of My Dreams

I feel like I was born to write. It just feels right. The feedback I receive is that I do have a gift. So this is what I am doing. Although I am posting less writings in my blogs it is because I am actually acting on the becoming a novelist part.
I have just finished preparing my first book for publication. I am currently distributing it to editors. This one is written in Portuguese, as is the next one. I have another fiction novel written which I am now going to correct and prepare for edition too.
Thinking about all that it came to my mind something I have written about before: thinking like a writer. Writing is so right for me because I am always thinking as if I am writing a story. That is how I came to the thought that it is a veritable crime that telepathy, controlled telepathy, doesn’t exist. I would love to jump to another person’s mind just to see how they process their thoughts; it has to be different from where I do. Imagine that a musician would think about the world as the sounds it produces. And a painter see the colours, almost as if the sounds would be fading, just background. A photographer would think in still poses, while a videographer would always think about the connection of the events.
It was in this thought stream that I realised I can, and I do, enter other people’s minds! Reading, listening to music, watching a movie, through all arts. Maybe that is why art is so imbedded into humanity, for the capacity it has to bring us the power of telepathy.
We create a world around us always based on the way we think. I wonder if I write because I think in narratives or if I think through stories because I am a writer. The egg or the chicken? Have you ever realised that most characters from most writers in history like to read? And it is pretty common for the author to make a remark in the story saying that the character likes to read, usually a lot. Writers, by definition, like to read, so our lives in general sieve through the life of the beings we breathe life into.
I am living this life of my dreams. I have given myself the permission to go through my savings and write for the love of my life, in the sense of survival. As if it was the only thing I was meant to do. And it feels so perfect. I trust the universe to bring me the means to continue to do that. Meanwhile I am dedicating myself of living life fully and as a full time writer.
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