taniacreations dot com

I have created a website from my writing. It may seem a bit crazy but the idea was “spoken” in a dream by my own voice inside my mind: “create a writer’s website”. www.taniacreations.com
Writing this website is like going on a road that you don’t know where it ends. It is unpredictable, with unfathomable results. Here I am investing in something I have no financial reasons to do but I am intuitively sure it had to be done.
It has been an interesting journey, becoming a full time writer… At the beginning I was terrified when people asked me:
– What do you do for a living?
Shaking I would answer in a very low voice “well… I’m a writer, trying to publish some books in Brazil”. And felt I could possibly die if anyone asked me:
– And is it possible to make a living out of it?
Now I am confident, smiley even. I’ve settle for the truth as I see it, not what my physical senses are telling me right now. I go for the reality I am creating:
– Of course it is!
Now I can scream out loud: I AM A WRITER, FULL TIME WRITER!!! You will be able to buy my books online (if you read Portuguese) very soon. But the next book will be written in English!
And you know what? The feedback I’m getting is wonderful. Every single person I talk to motivates me to go on.
This is the reality I am creating: walking in the sun recording my thoughts for future writing, spending the days (sometimes nights, sometimes weekends) writing.
I hope you enjoy the website, it is, literally, a dream come true!
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Living the Life of My Dreams

I feel like I was born to write. It just feels right. The feedback I receive is that I do have a gift. So this is what I am doing. Although I am posting less writings in my blogs it is because I am actually acting on the becoming a novelist part.
I have just finished preparing my first book for publication. I am currently distributing it to editors. This one is written in Portuguese, as is the next one. I have another fiction novel written which I am now going to correct and prepare for edition too.
Thinking about all that it came to my mind something I have written about before: thinking like a writer. Writing is so right for me because I am always thinking as if I am writing a story. That is how I came to the thought that it is a veritable crime that telepathy, controlled telepathy, doesn’t exist. I would love to jump to another person’s mind just to see how they process their thoughts; it has to be different from where I do. Imagine that a musician would think about the world as the sounds it produces. And a painter see the colours, almost as if the sounds would be fading, just background. A photographer would think in still poses, while a videographer would always think about the connection of the events.
It was in this thought stream that I realised I can, and I do, enter other people’s minds! Reading, listening to music, watching a movie, through all arts. Maybe that is why art is so imbedded into humanity, for the capacity it has to bring us the power of telepathy.
We create a world around us always based on the way we think. I wonder if I write because I think in narratives or if I think through stories because I am a writer. The egg or the chicken? Have you ever realised that most characters from most writers in history like to read? And it is pretty common for the author to make a remark in the story saying that the character likes to read, usually a lot. Writers, by definition, like to read, so our lives in general sieve through the life of the beings we breathe life into.
I am living this life of my dreams. I have given myself the permission to go through my savings and write for the love of my life, in the sense of survival. As if it was the only thing I was meant to do. And it feels so perfect. I trust the universe to bring me the means to continue to do that. Meanwhile I am dedicating myself of living life fully and as a full time writer.
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