Radar Magazine and me: A Love Affair

If you don’t know Radar you have to see it. It is a magazine about the Brazilian culture for the Australian market. It is special. It has an amazing quality in all senses, good printing in a glossy paper, with a layout that is almost sexy, the pictures are artistically chosen and distributed, the writing is not only journalistic, it is almost literary, like chronicles of life’s best. All done in two languages: English and Portuguese.

I have great news! Radar Magazine is opening a new Latin Dance Section from the August edition. I’m very excited as I’m the writer and reporter. http://www.radarmagazine.com.au
I fell in love with the magazine when I first read it and contacted them saying: I want in. That is how I ended up writing for them about the Sydney Salsa Congress and a few tourism pieces.
The Latin Dance Section will have one or two pages full of pictures and information from the scenes in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.
The intention is to draw the attention of the Latin scene to the magazine so we are doing this as a trial. I intend to make this section so good people will salivate looking at it.
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