Thinking Like a Writer

One day a friend said:
– You talk like you are writing.
I remember the day: we were in a dance congress in Brisbane a beautiful sunny day straight after a shower with the wind blowing the leaves of the trees and an atmosphere so magic it made me describe it to my two companions. That’s when one of them said I talk like I write.
That made me see my life in a different way. I realised that I see life through a writer’s eyes. That all my perceptions are made in descriptive terms. That my experiences are not totally put into perspective until I have told them to myself adding adjectives, weight, smell and flowers as if I was writing it all.
Yes, my friend is right, I do talk in a different ways and I use words that are not common in both my languages. The words come from things that I have read and those are much deeper in my mind than any other experiences I had.
I can only learn a new word if I see it written.
That is why this blog has so much to do with me: written life… that’s my soul, that’s who I am. A life in writing…

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