The Pictures-from-last-night’s Adventure

So I decided to write about the Sydney Salsa Congress and the Sydney Latino Festival all over my blogs. Got a new notebook, a new pen, printed my new business cards and forgot my camera on top of the table at home.
I’m not a photographer so I just wanted to have the human interest side of the experience, give my blogs colour and life. Quickly I found a solution: called my sister and asked her to bring her camera as we were going together to the shows.
Perfect! I took good pictures, lots of people in them, interesting details and all.
Went home and before going to sleep, (already more than 1am, even having to wake up at six) I had to get the pictures to my USB so I could publish them today…

Sydney Salsa Congress 2009

First I found out the card was not the one I have an entrance in my computer for. I got to all my boxes of cables to find the one from my camera, one hand cable searching. I was glad it fit. Also the camera didn’t want to connect and then the problem was the driver was not installed. I didn’t want to go after downloading and installing something last night so I gave up. But not in my mind… kept trying to find a solution.
Before going to bed I got one: take the cable with you to work and try to do it tomorrow.
This morning I realised it wasn’t going to work, I cannot download files at work and I would need it to make it work.
So I thought: great ! I will be arriving in the city early because I’m getting a lift with my friend, I’ll go to one of these photo kiosks and ask for their help.
No luck. They were all closed before 7.30am…
My sister was probably sleeping and there wasn’t time to go to her anyway.
I got to work and still gave it a try with no success.
I will have to publish all my posts with pictures with funny titles: soon to be a picture of Don & Rae, or soon to be a picture of the Twins, or……
I cannot believe, I keep looking at the camera trying to download the pictures with my brain power without success.
It’s so close and so far!!!

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