Guide to Brazilian Food Part 1

Digital StillCameraBasic Brazilian Food : Rice, Beans, Meat

I have yet to meet someone, from any part of the world that says they do not like Brazilian Food. In general terms, every person from different nationalities that I have met and have tried my country’s food liked it; A LOT!
I am bias, for sure, I think that people that migrate miss, more than all else, two things from home: the family and the food, all the rest come in second. I’m no different; I love my Brazil’s food. So I try to analyse if I think it is the best because I’m from there or if the food is particularly good for real.
I know people that do not like Chinese, Indian, Japanese, English and Pakistanese food, but everyone seems to like French and Brazilian food. This is my private experience, people that I have talked to in this multicultural city of ours.
That is why I thought about writing about our food explaining all things, hope you can try it out.

The basic stuff

The base of the Brazilian food is a plate with rice, beans, meat and salad. Brazil is a very big country and there is different styles of food and specific dishes to each region or state but from top to bottom, rich to poor, what we all wish to have every lunch and diner is this four things. Not all can, poor people in a third world country are really poor and won’t have access to this basic food.
Now first of all when you think of this you have to imagine “SALT”. It is not excessive but more than Australians are used to for sure. Less than the Greeks though.
Rice is fried before cooked, with spices , oil, salt, usually garlic and onions. When it is ready it is soft without being sticky, each grain holds its own.
Garlic and Onions actually can go into most of the dishes. Salt in all savoury plates. Chilly or peppers only in some regions of the country.
Beans do NOT, for goodness’ sake, have sugar!!! They are soft in a rich and thick cream made of a few crushed beans. Bay leaves, smoked bacon and chorizo are great to add flavour to a good pot of beans.

Digital StillCamera

This is how it is served: in the pots and pans. Hummmmm! Hungry!

Meat is seasoned before cooking, usually a few hours before so it soaks the flavours inside the meat, that is valid for all meats, red and poultry, also sea food… When it is cooked it has this perfect flavour…
Salad can vary from the simplest lettuce with tomato to the most different ones. We don’t even have names for the salads, not like we have here: Caesar, Greek and Coleslaw and everyone does mostly the same with a few variations. Palm tree hearts are a specialty and very good in salads, my mouth waters just to think about it.
Of course for all things there are variations. The plate in the picture above has banana schnitzel instead of salad… Daddy made it for me when I was in Brazil, he is my favourite chef of all times in the whole wide world…

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