Like in a Romantic Comedy – My Laundry Story

I had a lot of laundry to do. I got home with the firm intention of doing it all, I planned the loads, the timing, separated the clothes and put the first batch to wash.
I have a shared laundry with all the others apartments of the first floor in the same level.
So when I went back to my flat I even put a timer to remind me to move the wash to the drying lines. It was almost ten pm when it was done and the thing rang. I was already in my night dress and very sleepy, it was a black sexy thing, decent but not much and it was a hot night, I really, really, really didn’t feel like getting change just to go to the laundry. So I sneaked out of the apartment thinking “I hope there’s no-one in the corridor to see me in my night dress”.
I opened the door, looked both ways and as I didn’t see anyone and the lift didn’t make any movement’s noises so I thought myself safe. Of course, I wouldn’t be writing this is it all went without incident. As soon as my door closed behind me I heard another door being opened and saw a guy coming out of it.
As I was sneaking out he didn’t see me until it was too late, he was also out of his door when he realised that there was someone out there. When I looked at his face I realised that I was fine with my night dress… if I didn’t want to be seen with it, I am sure he didn’t want me to see him even more.
You know how girls do these cream masks on their faces? Well, that was what the guy had on his face. It was a young mate, probably on his twenty’s and he sure looked funny with all that cream on his face! We both stopped there for a moment while we realised we were being seen when we didn’t want but I got confident his position was seriously worse than mine.
I struggled a lot not to laugh out loud and I may have managed just to show a little bit of a smile. To our shagrin the adventure wasn’t finished at that exact time an old lady comes out of the lift and looks at us, like a bit funny and asks:
– Is this the first floor?
I think she felt like she was in another dimension or just possibly in the wrong place because she looked a bit startled when she saw us… can’t see why 🙂
I just answered her:
– I know it looks like something else but yep, this is the first floor.
As she went to her friend’s house I did the monumental effort to speak normally to the paste-faced guy about the laundry and went back home to spend the next thirty minutes laughing out loud to myself!

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