Floating in a Natural Aquarium

I took this picture myself!
There are rivers, as clear as air, in a city called Bonito, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
Bonito means “beautiful” and it certainly is. It is a world capital of eco-tourism, a place where you can enjoy more than 40 different tourist natural attractions including horse riding, waterfalls, diving, and boat trips among numerous others. But the best of the best are the “floatings” as they are called. You float down river, among the fish which are protected, and feels like you are swimming in an Aquarium.
Imagem 117
I have spent a week in the region, have floated down 4 different rivers enjoying immensely each experience. Each time, after walking in the forest and seeing wild animals and being taught about the region’s flora you float for around 40 to 80 minutes in the clear water. We were lucky to have contracted food for after the efforts. It was delicious! Always homemade cooking in the wood fire stove, very tasty!
I have also climbed 866 steps to see a gorgeous waterfall and visited the “Hole of the Araras”. A natural hole where bands of highly coloured birds live.

Imagem 055

It looked like the fish were floating in the air…
It was a magic week. If you had to visit one place on Earth before it ended, you should definitely put Bonito on your short list!
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