You Can Always Ask it out Loud

I have a new temp job, just while the wind is floating my writing sails.
People keep asking me if I am enjoying it, and it is such a hard question!
It is an Ok job, at an Ok company. This is not exactly what inspires me, so I try to do the best that I can and enjoy the most possible. I certainly enjoy the feeling that I will never starve and feeling appreciated.
It is interesting interacting with new people and getting the feel of them and the funny things they say.

Today one of them said:
– Ok, our washing machine is running away.
– What do you mean?
– It is shaking and moving out of the door.
Next time I looked there were 6 scientists discussing the issue.

The other day it was a group of them looking at a construction site picture. I was working at the other side of the devider. I couldn’t see the picture but could hear the talk. I am still curious to know what made them talk in one conversation about:
– blue smurfs, corrosion, sexy movements, a dwarf tree, protected shoes and sports cars.

Today this work got me thinking about electronic conversations. I asked one of the people who a document that had arrived was for. He answered me:
– send an e-mail to everyone asking who is waiting for this.
I thought for a second. Stood in the middle of the office and asked out loud, no need for screaming it is not such a big place:
– Who is the document regarding such and such for?
A woman next to me claimed it!
So simple!

I miss my window, though…

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