Written Life, Written Car

The front is a piece of Art!

Car 1
This car was parked near my friend’s place…
I thought better to erase the registration numbers of any cars in the picture to protect people’s personal information.
Look at the details, most of it is in French.

Car 3
“I came, I saw, I conquered.” Phrase by Julius Cesar
Je suis venu, J’ai vu, J’ai vaincu
Even D&G figures in the writing in the right.
Shit Happens Ouiiiii! (Oui is Yes in French)

Car 4

Lets Ride!

Car 5

This part says:
Whoever says love, says sex…
Whoever says sex, says heat…
Whoever says heat, says chimney…

This is a brilliant idea, if you have an old car, why fix it?

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