Dark Skies Sci-Fi With Wrong Advertisement

Dark Skies is this old TV series from 1996/97. It was one of the best Sci-Fi creations I’ve seen. I’m not sure how I would see it today with all the advances in technology especially in special effects but in the nineties it was great. They would use original shootings of the time the story is set (the 60’s) and mix with their own imagination; the plot was amazing and the actors were great.
It was re-writing story as if Earth was being invaded by aliens at that time. So they would twist real life happenings as if the aliens were responsible for them. It puts a lot of real life stories into a new perspective like the assassination of J.F. Kennedy, one of the biggest Beatles concert, the Great Northeast Blackout…
The soundtrack was so good that DVD releases are an issue: prohibitive music licensing costs.
I have no idea how it was released in the world but it must have been similar to what I have seen in Brazil. I only had access to it because I had cable. It was transmitted by a specific international channel and they made a mess of it. First because the channel is always a mess, they do not play the series in order, announce things wrong, it is totally crazy; but also because the advertisement made sure the series was a failure.

dark skies

Let me explain: the ads would show all the gruesome parts of the series, disgusting aliens, people being taken by parasites, split heads, screams and all that is not nice to see. But that was just a little part of the show and not at all what it was about. So what actually happened was that the brainy watchers that would like the series for its plot, for the beautiful soundtrack and scenes mixing the old and the new in an exquisite way wouldn’t even watch the series because they didn’t like the gruesome commercials that gave the impression of something styled like Friday 13th movies.
On the other hand people that liked the gruesome styles would only watch one episode to get to the conclusion they didn’t get what it was about and that there were no fun parts to it.
Nothing can convince me that if they had used adequate advertisement, just transmitting what the series really was, they would never have had only one season. I will see if they have released the DVDs, Wikipedia says that not yet. I wish I could see it again and that someone wrote the end of the story.
I just found out there is a book based on the series, I wonder if it writes an end to it… I hate to love a story with no end to it.

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