The Sydney Latino Festival Starts Tonight

It is starting tonight and it is part of one of the best Latin Dance Congresses in the world! It is a series of performances with dance parties, it’s something like I’ve never seen.
Imagine the State Sport Centre at the Olympic park filled with 5000 latin dancers on the floor. It’s a passion and an energy that I felt really privileged to be part of.
Every night there is a series of shows with the best latin dancers in the world then a huge party where everyone can dance. There is even a workshop for the beginners to learn a few moves and join the party.
For the already dancers you can join the whole thing including lots of workshops during three full days and the shows and parties at night. Salsa, Samba, Zouk, Bachata, Cha-Cha, Afro Cuban, Reggaeton, Gafieira, it’s all there, each a different style.
If you go and see a bunch of angels performing that is exactly where I was going to be, right in front, in the middle.
I have a fractured bone so won’t be dancing this time. This year I’m the official writer.
My poor dance partner will end up dancing with one of the best in the world, my teacher Dani de Francesco. I told him that if he is the least bit happy with my accident I will kick his butt! Poor guy, such a difficult position, on one hand his partner is injured crying her eyes out (that’s me), on the other the amazing Dani is dancing with him (she is beautiful and a great dancer), and last but not least, Tony Lara, her partner is performing and watching with orders from me (the said sad dance partner) to kick him if he even smiles… He can always say “but we are supposed to smile when we are on stage”! I would say: Yeah! NOT YOU!!! He he he
Just kidding partner, have fun for me!

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