Here I am again

I don’t know if I should dread or embrace these feelings ruled by hormones.
If I should treasure them while they are here or simply hate these days that rule me to something in-human, or maybe just extra human…
The colours are brighter; the air has a sharper smell. And I can’t avoid checking on the male presence around me.
Have you noticed how your own mood and thoughts change the way people react to you? Don’t you get reactions every day that you look in the mirror and think “Oh, but I’m beautiful today!”. Or didn’t you notice how some people are beautiful just because they think they are? And take the attitude out, well there wouldn’t be much left. That kind of thing always made me wonder… Danny de Vito is a great example of that for me… he is short, ugly, fat end now a bit older… and HE DID A STRIP TEASE IN FRIENDS!!! He is a Hollywood actor and has acted alongside some of the most beautiful women in the world. That is attitude.
Another example is the president of Brazil, now on his second mandate. As a Brazilian I am ashamed to say that my president has low formal education, barely speaks Portuguese well, has had drinking problems, he tried the presidency quite a few times before he got it and he is ugly and fat just to get it all. How oh how did he get there?
That is why I think on the days I give out this vibe… It’s like it is another part of me…

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