About Bread, Buses and Dancing

After living in Australia for five years I went back on vacations to Brazil. I woke up in the beautiful city of Fortaleza, up north, and the first thing that came to my mind was: fresh bread. Real freshly baked bread. We have something there called the “bakery in the corner”. Meaning there is one everywhere and it is a wonder! Fresh bread baked every half hour, crusty, delicious, just baked buns.
If I was a cartoon I would be flying on the delicious smell through the air…
The fact that this wonder is not available here in Aussieland made me look for the reasons. First would be the labour costs then the technical limitations. Apparently small baking ovens for quick production are not easily obtained around here.
I’m a writer, so whenever the urge to go for a great business idea strikes me I write about it extensively. For the ones that actually put them in practice I leave you the idea of a chain of stores that would bake bread every half hour, all day.
Back to Brazil, I was there, in front of the bakery when a bus stopped. When the doors opened I could only think: “Gosh! Someone is going to fall off!” By now I’m used to Sydney buses where the driver stops people coming in when the vehicle is slightly packed (at least in comparison). To see that bus so full that people were actually falling from it was chocking. And it got worse! When people from outside started pushing and by sheer miracle managed to squeeze another ten in!
I had to seat down to laugh. People started looking at me thinking me completely nuts.
Talking about crowds, Fortaleza is a city of Forro a popular couple’s dance style. So, as a dancer, I had to check it out. It was there that I promised I would kill the next Ossie that complained to me about either full or hot Salsa dance floors in Sydney.
Only being in Brazilian Forro’s floors you can fully comprehend what a really huge hot and full dance floor is. The idea of personal space is turned into a myth. Every inch is fought over with elbows. The body heat generated is enough to warm Siberia for a month!

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